7 Income Generating Ideas This Memorial Day Weekend

7 Income Generating Ideas This Memorial Day Weekend

Long weekends are the perfect time to make some extra money.

Between backyard barbeques, trips out of town, shopping, and some long-overdue spring cleaning, there are plenty of income-boosting opportunities to be had if you know where to look.

The great thing about these ideas I’m going to share with you today is they work over almost any major holiday weekend.

Memorial Day is only the first of three major holidays happening during the warmer-weather months. You can use these income generating ideas again over the July 4th and Labor Day long weekends.

Here are seven ways you can boost your income this weekend.

1. List Your House on AirBnB

Has it been a few weeks since your parents have seen their grandkids? Perfect. Spend the weekend out of town at their house.

Or, if you’ve already booked a trip this weekend, take advantage of your empty house by renting it out on AirBnB. Not only are travellers looking for places to stay this weekend, they’re willing to pay a hefty price to find some decent digs last minute.

2. Do the Opposite of #1

If the thought of leaving your house to a stranger scares you, opt to stay close to home and house sit for a neighbor or a friend. House sitting is another easy way to make some extra money.

Your typical house sitting duties would include, collecting the mail, watering a few plants, and making sure the house is secure.

You also get the added benefit of hanging out in someone else’s house for a few days — which can often feel like a mini vacation on its own.

3. Sell Some of Your Junk

Memorial Day weekend is a great time to do some spring cleaning.

If you’ve been putting off doing your spring cleaning this year, use the extra day this weekend to first clean your house and then get rid of whatever junk you found.

Host a yard sale, list items on Craigslist, Facebook, and eBay.

Bonus tip: If you’re feeling energetic this weekend, get up early and go to a few yard sales around your neighborhood and buy up quality items. Then flip those items for a profit by selling them on websites like eBay or Craigslist.

To do this successfully, you need to write some killer product descriptions. A quick Google search will tell you most of what works and what doesn’t when selling through these platforms.

4. Watch Your Friend’s Dog

Like house sitting, pet sitting is another great way to make some extra cash this weekend.

A lot of your friends and coworkers will be traveling out of town this weekend.

Mostly likely they’ve been on the hunt over the past few days for someone to watch their pet while they’re away. Take the burden off them and enjoy the benefits of pet ownership without the commitment for a few days.

5. Run a Pop-Up Landscaping Business

This weekend, a lot of your neighbors will realize their yard needs some work.

Offer to help out by mowing lawns, raking leaves, pruning hedges, and powering washing driveways… Do whatever work needs to be done at a fair price for your neighbors.

Door to door or a simple Craigslist or Facebook post can drum up enough business to keep you busy all weekend. Surely there are some people in your neighborhood who either don’t want to do yard work or are unable to and willing to pay someone else to do it for them.

6. Work at Events

Block parties, concert, bonfires, cookouts, whatever events are happening in your city this weekend, there’s likely a shortage of event staff.

You can make some decent money working at one of these events, bartending, hostessing, taking ticket stubs, cooking, or cleaning up.

Start by searching for  events near you on Google or check out your local Chamber of Commerce. Then email or call the event coordinator and ask if they need more staff.

7. Get a Job in Retail

Retailers love splashing sales over holiday long weekends. Which is good for you in two ways: First, if you do plan to shop this weekend, do buy appliances, mattresses and bedding, party supplies (stock up), and home accessories.

These items are historically discounted over the Memorial Day weekend.

Avoid buying electronics, back-to-school supplies, barbeques, outdoor patio furniture, and cars.

You won’t get the best deal on these items until later in the year and toward the end of the summer.

My second piece of advice if you want to make some extra cash this weekend is to get a job in retail.

A lot of people will be out shopping this weekend, which means there will be an increase in traffic to malls and local shops.

Customer service staff and in-store personnel will be in high demand.

If you have any prior experience working in retail, this weekend is the perfect time to pick up some part-time hours.

An added bonus, some retailers will offer overtime pay, making you even richer.

Have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend!

To a richer life,

Nilus Mattive

Nilus Mattive
Editor, The Rich Life Roadmap

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