The Trading Sector That Will Give You the Munchies

Ask anyone about the hottest market sector of 2017 & 2018, and they’ll probably say crypto, right?

Before the crypto boom, we saw the action in shipping stocks, and then it was A.I. stocks that went wild — but what’s the hottest sector of 2019?

I’ll give you a hint: It’ll give you the munchies.

The year 2019 will be remembered as the year of pot stocks, and if you’re looking for the hottest in-play companies, you need to have a heap of marijuana stocks on your watchlist.

What Are Penny Pot Stocks?

Penny pot stocks are small companies in the red-hot legal marijuana industry. They may be pure weed industry plays, involved in growing the herb, or retailing to customers through dispensaries.

Companies that are outside the pot industry could still be heavily involved in the weed boom by having ties to the industry.

Think about transport companies that sign distribution contracts for the weed industry or manufacturing companies that are expanding into developing pipes to smoke pot.

With the industry being so hot, any mention of a company being involved with legal marijuana creates some crazy price moves, and there’s a lot of money to be made.

Just like any industry that’s red hot, there’s a lot of pump-and-dump action. Massive price moves upward will often end in collapse.

Maybe that sounds scary to an amateur, but to traders with the right level of skill, it often means simple, rapid profits.

Growth of the Marijuana Market

A lot of people are expecting marijuana to become a major industry within only a few years.

That’s why the sector is so hot right now and why so many upstart companies are trying to grab a slice of the pie … or, in this case, the brownie.

Think of the soda market — imagine how much Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Mountain Dew is sold everywhere, all over the world, at every minute of the day.

The legal marijuana industry could surpass the soda industry, which could mean monster-sized opportunities for traders and investors.

Benefits of Penny Pot Stocks

If you ask me what kinds of things you need to focus on to make the quickest stock market profits possible, I’d tell you to concentrate on two variables:

First, pick a sector that has massive growth potential, one with constant news stories causing huge moves in the sector’s stocks, and one that generally everyone’s excited about.

Second, find small companies that are primed to profit from the hot sector, where a flood of frenzied traders could come in any minute and push the prices up huge amounts.

That’s why, right now, you have to have at least one eye on penny pot stocks.

You might be wondering how, through all of this, you can find the pot stocks that are most likely to see profit.

Not to worry, tomorrow I’ll go over steps you can take to find the best marijuana stocks.

You won’t want to miss this exclusive how-to guide.


— Tim Sykes
Editor, Penny Stock Millionaires

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