Top 5 Penny Stock Trading Apps For iPhone

The technological revolution is upon us, and many traders have quickly changed with the times. Realizing that in order to be successful, you can’t be relying on outdated techniques and technology from the stone-age.

One of the most valuable resources you can utilize is actually right in your pocket.

Yesterday, we reviewed some of the better trading platforms for various strategies across a very large world of brokers, research services, and social media.

With so many readers using Apple devices these days, this issue will be taking a closer look at the best apps for iPhone users specifically. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you Android users should bail out here, many of these services are available for you as well.

The most important part in choosing the right app is deciding what works best for your specific trading strategies. Remember, always stick to your plan and process. Use these tools to learn and track your trades, but don’t rely on them to do all of the heavy lifting.

Study hard, and consider these 5 penny stock trading apps for iPhone to help you succeed…

#5 Stock+Option

Stock+Option bills itself as an all-in-one stock market station. It features advanced options analysis, a portfolio tracker, and live alerts. The app costs $149.99 and you get a lot of functionality for your money. However, quotes can be delayed for 15 minutes.

If you’re going to use this app as an active trader, you’ll want to opt-in for one of the monthly subscriptions. There are 3 subscription options available: Advanced Options Plan, Pro Plan, and Pro Plus. Each subscription gives you different functionality.

Benefits of Stock+Option

One of the big benefits of Stocks+Option is the options data provided. I’m not an options trader, but if I was, I’d want an app that could give me options data. No brainer there…

#4 Yahoo! Finance

This is probably one of the best tools for beginners learning about the markets and trading. Even as you gain experience, this will be a go to place for general information.

I still find myself on the Yahoo! Finance site when news stories about stocks on my watchlist pop up.

Benefits of Yahoo! Finance

The most obvious benefit of Yahoo! Finance is that it’s free. There’s a decent mobile app or if you’re on your laptop or desktop you can visit the main site. If you’re not yet using StocksToTrade, Yahoo! Finance is a good place to go to read SEC filings, set up a watchlist, and screen stocks.

#3 TD Ameritrade Mobile

There are two apps as part of the TD Ameritrade family: TD Ameritrade Mobile and TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader. The latter is also known as Thinkorswim Mobile. When TD Ameritrade took control of Thinkorswim, they kept the Thinkorswim app as a separate platform.

Benefits of TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade Mobile is perfect for those who use the main TD Ameritrade website. You get access to the same information about the markets and your portfolios.

TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader (aka Thinkorswim Mobile) lets you trade right from your phone. If you trade futures, foreign currencies, or complex options then this is the version you’ll need.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to using the TD Ameritrade apps is this: both apps are included when you open a TD Ameritrade account. Which means you can try both apps and then stick with the one that suits your strategy. Both are available on iOS and Android.

#2 Bloomberg

There are a couple of Bloomberg mobile apps. One is Bloomberg Business News. The other is Bloomberg Professional. The latter is the app for traders but requires you to have a Bloomberg Terminal account. This is a seriously high-end trading account with a cost of $2,000 per month…

Benefits of Bloomberg

As a pure global business and finance news app that also allows you to track your portfolio, Bloomberg Business News is fine. It gives you a good overview of world markets. Plus, you can set up a watchlist (registration required).

It’s also decent for doing research on companies. The financials tab includes cash flow, balance sheet, and income statement. The key stats tab gives earnings per share, market cap, outstanding shares, and average volume.

Bloomberg does have a paywall after 10 free news articles each month. Most in-depth news sites and apps are going this way. If you’re serious about trading, at some point you’ll probably have to pay for the news you need. At least if you want it all in one easy to access place.

#1 Scutify

Scutify is a hybrid financial social network, financial education marketplace (it bills itself as ‘the iTunes of finance’), and trading platform.

Benefits of Scutify

Scutify was on the front side of the financial social network trend. Your ability to interact with other members through ‘scuttles’ is very similar to Facebook or Twitter. Except everyone is talking about the markets. You can post questions or answers, news about trades, status updates, and general chat.

When you look up a stock ticker you get access to the latest scuttles, tweets, news headlines, charting, block trades, and more. And you can follow other members in a similar fashion to other social networks.

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while you know I have a love/hate relationship with chat rooms. You can learn a lot in financial based social media space. You can also get scammed by stock promoters. I’m not suggesting even for a moment that this is happening on the Scutify platform. But you should always do your own research.

Bonus: Profitly

I intentionally didn’t include Profitly on this list of mobile penny stock trading apps because it’s different. But since I’ve put Scutify at the top of the list and then mentioned the financial social network aspect, I wanted to mention Profitly.

Profitly is the social trading platform that I’m personally involved with. The thing that makes it different than almost anything out there is that members post their verified trades right on the site.

You’ll see whether a trade is long or short. Whether it’s a stock or FX play, plus entry and exit points. Many traders — myself included — post comments about our trades. It’s brilliant because it provides transparency.

Profitly and StocksToTrade work well together. While StocksToTrade is ideal as a screener, research, and trading platform …

… Profitly is ideal as an education, trading social network, and accountability platform.

There’s a ton of educational material:

  • Trade alerts and premium research by Superman Paul Scolardi.
  • Premium educational DVDs by me, Tim Grittani, Mark Messier, Tony Pelz, and others.
  • Trade analysis plans.

The Bottom Line

This is the moment where I tell you StocksToTrade is far superior to any of the other apps or platforms and Profitly is the superior trading social network.

While all of these apps listed above are great, I fully admit my bias. But let me tell you why.

I spent years in chat rooms full of stock promoters and scammers. Then there were the 10 or 12 websites I had to have open to research and trade.

Now two is all I need. Yes, I use other sites like Twitter. I still read articles or press releases on Yahoo! Finance sometimes. But I have everything necessary for trading in one place. I use the other sites because I teach and I realize some students are not quite ready to take this seriously.

Are you ready to take trading seriously?

Find your application preferences and start planning and developing your strategy around those resources. But don’t wait, start today!


— Tim Sykes
Editor, Penny Stock Millionaires

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