The Crazy Road of Crypto

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When it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain no one is more of an expert than Andreas Antonopoulos.

He is the author of six books, including Mastering Bitcoin and The Internet of Money, and travels the world advocating greater privacy and freedom in our financial lives. Andreas pramotes the idea of cryptocurrency and spreads neutral and helpful information that people can use to guide them on the crazy road of cryptocurrency.

He does not endorse ICOs, but he is out there to warn you about some of the pitfalls and scams that are currently happening in crypto. Andreas believes crypto is the future of money and that we need to separate the banks and the government.

Andreas is also not a fan of digital currency, he likes it the old fashioned way where you can use money anonymously to do whatever you want.

His hugely popular talks combine economics, psychology, technology and game theory with current events, anecdotes and history.

I keep having Andreas back on London Real because I believe that the privacy of our money and the way we can use our money is paramount to our own freedom as individuals and the future of our societies.

This is a critical issue and I hope my talk with Andreas is able to shed light on how this affects everyone in the world.

Andreas the Nomad

Andreas lived in London for 10 years. He attended school here so it’s familiar territory for him to be back in. Rain and all.

Otherwise, he travels the world nonstop. He quit having an apartment four years ago. Everything he owns fits in his few suitcases and he just moves from city to city, country to country staying in different Air Bnbs.

“There’s a magical thing that happens when your stuff weighs less than you.”

The total accumulation of everything Andreas owns is only 90 pounds. It’s a very zen lifestyle to strip your belongings to just the absolute necessities. This lifestyle has also allowed him to better enjoy the places he visits. If he has a conference somewhere he is now free to stay for a few weeks and explore rather than feel like he has to race back to obligations at home.

The final straw in Andreas’s decision to go nomadic was when he realized that he had been spending less than a month per year at his own house. He was in Rio de Janeiro on a beach enjoying a coffee knowing that the place he was living, New York City, was under a foot of snow. He decided to stay and begin a new way of living.

The cost of his life dropped and his happiness increased. It allowed him to spend more time in the places where crypto is important.

Andreas is quick to note that this lifestyle does demonstrate an extreme amount of privilege. He understands with a British and American passport he has access to 160 countries for 90 days with no visas and no problems.

He’s met many successful people from all over the world who have not been able to get the visas that he has just because of where they were born.

“There is an enormous amount of privilege that comes with birthplace.”

Bitcoin, Blockchain and Biocurrency

People care so much about the privacy of their cell phones or their social media, but it seems that these days people don’t understand the importance of privacy of your money. All of your banking and transactional information is known by a company that people don’t think much about.

For me, the first episode I ever did about crypto was back in 2013 with Max Keiser. I had done my own dabbling in crypto and may or may not have used it to buy something on the silk road. After then I began talking more about it to try to get a better understanding of what crypto was. I found out that many of the people on my London Real team had invested in crypto which blew my mind.

After telling Andreas my brief personal history with crypto, he was surprised at how early I picked up on it. Now it’s a household name, but back then it took a much more open mind to explore this new phenomenon.

Andreas found out about crypto in 2012 and was fascinated. Back then, the price of a coin was roughly $2. Andreas started playing with the technology, doing research, and working on code.

He notes that a lot of people who start out with crypto have skepticism which is, “absolutely healthy.” In fact, he believes there isn’t enough healthy skepticism in this industry. The skepticism turns quickly to fascination. He’s heard countless stories of people who have quit their secure jobs to work on cryptocurrency.

Andreas had always been fascinated by technology and its advances. He had the same reaction to early internet as he did years later to bitcoin.

People are drawn to crypto for many reasons. Some have to do with the technologically fascinating aspect of it. Others are obsessed with political and ideological implications of breaking down boards and freeing people from their governments. Some are attracted by the idea of getting rich.

No matter what the motivations, in the end, the people who stick with crypto through the price fluxuations, find more genuine reasons to be interested. The people who enter the world of crypto only because of speculation will leave, the people who stay do so because of the community, technology, or the politics of it.

Andreas tries to cultivate a better understanding of the technological aspect of crypto. He is bothered by all the skeptics. He knows that there are a lot of scams and con artists that do work in crypto. However, he also understands that there is the ability to use blockchain technology to revolutionize the way start ups work, rather than just using blockchain to scam people.

There’s so much more about crypto that I learned from Andreas and can’t wait to share with you, so stay tuned for more exciting and important information about this revolutionary way to protect your money.


Brian Rose

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