6 Ways to Reach for Success

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There are measures of success at every new stage of life: graduating from school, getting that big promotion, starting a family and moving to the city of your dreams.

Whatever it may be, regardless of which stage of life you’re in, the people who are most successful are those who are continually focused and dedicated to their success. It’s not something  anyone is lucky enough to be born with.

It takes daily work and dedication to ensure that you are successful, and adopting these daily habits might be the boost that you need to leap over the next hurdle in your path to lifelong success.

Consistency is Key

Doing something positive once or twice is great, but unless you are staying consistent it’s unlikely that you’ll reap the greatest benefits from your efforts. It’s impossible to have unlimited energy and enthusiasm every single day of your life, so you have to condition yourself to consistently follow habits that are going to reap the rewards that you know you deserve.

Highly successful people often lead quite routinized lives: doing the same thing each day, in the same way, in order to achieve their goals. Goals could be anything from a healthy level of exercise, positive eating habits, saving money instead of spending, getting to work on time or calling friends on a certain day each week to stay connected.

The goal itself is important, but the consistency behind the goal is crucial. The time that you have available each day is limited, so selecting exactly the correct mix of items that will push your day forward is the best way to spend a few hours once a week.

20 Minutes Twice a Day

Part of staying consistent is creating a habit that includes meditation.

Some gurus recommend that you spend 20 minutes twice a day where you completely quiet your mind and meditate. This doesn’t mean closing your eyes and thinking about all the things that you have to accomplish during the day (that comes later!).

Instead, put on noise-blocking headphones, get a sleeping mask that blocks the light, get in a comfortable location and put your phone on airplane mode. The majority of high performance people spend a portion of their day in meditation, as it can help reset your thought patterns and prepare you for the day, or for a good night’s sleep.

During this time, your goal is to think about nothing at all — focus on trying to create a quiet space inside your head. If you’re new to meditation, you might find it helpful to repeat a mantra to yourself. You may be surprised how important this daily reset becomes over a matter of two weeks or less.

Writing Down Your Goals

What does success look like to you? If you’re not writing down your 30-day, 1-year and 5-year goals — how can you tell? Your future is bright, and you’ve got big dreams.

The first step in reaching lofty goals is to put them to paper and break down what it will take to get you there. Keeping your goals in mind is easiest when you turn goals into an affirmation. If you’re not familiar with the practice, an affirmation is generally stated out loud to yourself.

Some people prefer to stand in front of a mirror, almost as if you’re trying to convince yourself that what you’re stating will come true in the future. This constant reinforcement of positivity may seem silly at first, but it can truly empower the way that you think.

Affirmations are specific and could be around your relationships and family, health, general wellness and what will add happiness to your life. When you’re stating an affirmation, it’s important that you speak it as if it has already occurred. You’re effectively tricking or programming your brain to consider the possibilities that the future holds, and your behavior will slowly begin to mimic your affirmations.

Stating your affirmations out loud is crucial, as the sound of your voice stating these truths will help provide power and impetus to the ideas.

Look Towards the Long Game

Short-term goals are fine, but they don’t provide you with the long-term success that you deserve. Big, lofty goals are what truly inspire humans to change something in their lives and make a difference in the world.

Sometimes making decisions is hard and it can be challenging to see beyond the upfront discomfort or outright agony of the problem to envelop the longer-term joy that change can bring. When you’re writing down your goals and continuing your affirmations, you’re able to push past momentary problems and seek out a future that feels brighter and provides potentials greater than you can dream.

Become a Lifelong Learner

Successful people make it a goal to learn something new every day. Whether that’s reading a quick article on a topic that you are passionate about, or helping your child with complicated math homework (that requires you to do some studying!), this focus on learning helps keep your mind flexible and ready to learn even more.

Think about it like this: if you learned something that you could implement in your work each week, how much more effective would you be in the space of a single year? The same is true for other goals, such as wellness.

Reading up on topics that concern you and your family members may help you find that single tidbit of information that could radically transform their lives.

Is This the Most Valuable Use of My Time?

Each day, you are making hundreds if not thousands of micro-decisions about how to spend your day.

You could be checking email every few minutes, walking your dog, speaking with your kids or grandkids or learning a new task. You could be attending a meeting (where you multitask on your phone) or listen to friends as they share their joys and concerns.

Push notifications that catch our eye are one of the biggest thieves of time out there, because you stop what you’re doing and make a decision about whether or not to act on the notification. That distraction saps your time and energy from your day, and the seconds that you spend reacting can add up to minutes and hours lost before you realize it.

Each item that you focus on should be intentional — with the understanding that each task is the very best possible use of your time.

What’s more: don’t be afraid to re-prioritize as things change. While constant changes in priority can sap your energy and attention span, putting aside a task that suddenly doesn’t seem as rewarding can help you stay focused on your longer-term goals.

Whether you are retired and looking for ways to stay healthy and productive, or working towards your dream job, these daily habits of successful people will provide you with the construct you need to see your goals come to fruition.

Stay focused, remove distractions, meditate and vigorously prioritize your day — and you’re one step closer down the road to success in life.


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