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Dear Reader,

Did you know that according to a recent Gallup poll, 85% of people around the world hate their jobs?

Only 15% of us are engaged in our daily work.

Are you part of the majority? It’s not unusual: most people are just working to get by. They don’t have a passion for what they do.

You might ask me, “Brian, why is passion so important?”

Because if you want to get through the tough times starting your business, you need that passion to push you to keep going.

Beyond your own success, I truly believe that if you don’t do something you’re passionate about every day, negativity can’t help but sink into your daily routine. And once negativity is within you, it’s only a matter of time before it starts to seep out and you begin to bring everyone down around you.

If you’re just punching the clock every day, it doesn’t just take away from your own energy, it takes a little bit of energy away from humanity, too.

How do we move from talking about these desired ideals to creating a real change for yourself and your career?

This is what I want to talk to you about today…

How to Create Business Income Based on Your Passion

First, let’s do some brainstorming to uncover your passion.

Take out some paper for yourself and draw a big circle on one side.

I want you to start writing everything you’re passionate about. I did it and here are a few of the things I started out with:

Here are my passions:

First thing in my mind: Conor McGregor — I just love MMA.

B-boy — I love my breakdancing. These are my happy spots.

Now the happiest: I love being a father.

Let’s keep going…

I’m passionate about broadcasting. It’s no surprise I love business, too. Filmmaking, Ironman triathlons: these are all my passions.

What have you come up with?

My circle is full. Keep going and fill your circle up, too.

The passions in this circle are the first step in building the best business for you. You need to know where exactly your passion lies before you can build it into a money-maker. Writing them down and seeing them laid out in front of you will allow you to highlight the standouts.

Putting these passions to work for you will guide you to do the things you’ll need to do to compete with other people who are just doing it for the money.

These passions are the first step in not just competing, but winning over those other people who are just not passionate — those who have been working for their paycheck, rather than working for achievement in a field they love.


Talent makes me think of one of my students, Virginia Czarnecki. Virginia put her passion and talent together to build a very successful business.

Virginia was a lawyer from Scotland for most of her until she realized she wasn’t passionate about the law. She took a big step and moved to the Cayman Islands and started training women in her passion: Thai boxing.

She’s in her 40s, so she’s not about to get in a cage with other women, but she was passionate about health, fitness, and working with other women. She translated that passion into $30,000 of business in her first 10 weeks.

The last time I talked to Virginia, she said, “Brian, my goal is to make $2 million in the next twelve months.”

I told her that was a really serious goal.

She said, “Brian, I never thought I could have done this until you showed me the steps that would get me to this place and that passion was the most important thing.”

Virginia used her passion and her talent for training other women to get to that place.

What is talent and why does it matter? I think it’s something we’re born with. We love to do things we’re talented at.

Like Conor McGregor. He loves to move, he loves fighting: MMA’s a natural fit for him. How about Elon Musk? His brain’s made to solve problems and figure out how to do things the rest of us might find impossible. Richard Branson is a born entrepreneur and innovator.

Your talent might not be as striking, and that’s perfectly okay. I had no idea I was good at broadcasting until I dove into headfirst. I was — and still am — a true introvert. So what does this mean for you?

Finding Your Talents

How do you know what your talents are?

I’ve been passionate about a lot of things in the past, but it didn’t mean I could build a successful business out of them. My business success came from combining my passion with my talents.

So how do you know what you’re naturally got at? What are your talents?

If you’re not sure, go ahead and ask a friend or family member what you’re good at. Just send an email or a text and ask. I can share some of the things I was good at — my noticeable talents.

As a kid? Math and science always came naturally to me. This translated to engineering — I went to MIT and graduated with straight A’s for my engineering bachelor’s degree.

I loved making movies — started when I was 8.

I practiced negotiating with my grandpa Benedict when he bought horses: he always called himself a “horse trader.”

I love business and I love interviewing people about what they’re passionate about.

Back to your paper with your passion circle…

Draw another big circle on the opposite side, and make sure the two circles overlap in the middle.

Fill that circle up with your talents. And then what? That’s the intersection of your passion and talents.

That’s where your opportunity lies.

Those two things together, now that you’ve written them down, you can see where they come together.

This is what I call a force multiplier.

Your power to build a business with an unfair advantage over every other entrepreneur out there is right in that intersection of your passion and your talents.

Before we keep going though, I want you to do this exercise or you could get off on the wrong track.

Use this powerful skill I teach in my London Real Academy:

Pull out your cell phone … hang in there with me … I know it’s scary … just turn on your camera and record yourself. Say your name. Introduce yourself and say what your talents are. Say your business idea, starting with “How to… ”

Say it out loud. Watch the recording back. See how you feel.

You’ve just completed step one!


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