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Dear Reader,

I’m about to share a pretty unpopular truth right now, so hold onto your hats…

The greatest enemy to your success is not your government. It’s not your education, it’s not your family, your upbringing, or even your nemesis at work.

The greatest enemy to your success is your own brain.

See, there’s a theory called the Central Governor Theory and it explains that the human brain is one of the most devious and cunning adversaries you can possibly face.

No matter what your goal is – whether it’s a physical goal like running race, or an educational goal like completing an important course – when you’re a certain amount of the way through, the Central Governor Theory tells us that your brain will give you reasons to give up.

That’s right – in the name of preservation, your brain will tell you, “Maybe you shouldn’t take this long run today. Take it easy instead,” or, “You don’t need to work so hard on this presentation. If you give it your all and you fail, you’ll be really embarrassed.”

If you listen to that voice, you’re dead in the water.

The good news is if you’re aware of this, you can stop this insidious system in its tracks and continue on to achieve your goals.

Let me tell you a story of a guy named Ross who had to defeat his own brain to achieve an amazing goal.

Ross Edgley

Ross Edgley is the FIRST MAN to swim the entire coast of Great Britain.

He swam for 157 consecutive days to travel a distance of 1791 miles – never touching the shore! Rather than stopping and going home to rest, he completed this challenge in intervals of six hours swimming, six hours sleeping.

This was no simple task. He was stung by jellyfish, he had to contend with boats traveling around him, he swam through pods of whales, sharks, and other sea life, and being human, he still had to find a way to consume the almost 15,000 calories it took to have enough energy everyday – all while still in the water.

Of course he met resistance. His brain was telling him to quit every step of the way but Ross didn’t care. He knew that completing this challenge was more important to him than any ridiculous reason his brain could throw at him.

This was such an incredible feat it’s literally never been done before. Ross felt the resistance of his Central Governor and went on to achieve anyway. He’s not superhuman, though. He just knows how to do what works and when to ignore what doesn’t.

How can you live more like Ross? How can you rise to your challenge and push past any obstacles in your way?

It all starts with conquering the little voice inside your head. No matter what you’re trying to achieve, you cannot listen to it.

When you can shut out the negative commentary and focus on the task at hand, you can truly do anything. Interestingly enough, after you’ve accomplished a seemingly impossible task once, everything in life seems to magically become easier.

Three Ways to Push Through Any Obstacle

Here are three ways you can push through even if you’ve quit again and again in the past. Use these tips to do things you never thought possible.

One, you must learn to welcome social pressure.

I’m not referring to the peer pressure we all faced as teens. You know – where your friend group starts encouraging you to act out or do drugs. That’s a bad form of social pressure, but social pressure doesn’t have to be a negative. In fact, it can be a catalyst for great change.

Listen, we all behave based on what others around us say and do. We react to their input whether it’s negative or positive. Anything from the way you dress to the way you talk and the way you think is influenced by the people around you.

Rather than worrying about what they say, though, flip the script and use it to your advantage. Tell people what your big scary goal is. Announce it. Broadcast it. Then instead of worrying that they’ll judge you if you do this, you’ll be faced with the fear of what they’ll think if you DON’T do it. That pressure is a huge motivator.

Next, you must pay a price to action.

When you pay a price towards your goal, whether it’s money or something else, you make a sacrifice and that sacrifice pushes you towards taking action and following through. If you’re not willing to sacrifice or plunk down money, you’re telling yourself you’re not going to show up and do the work. If you’re not willing to sacrifice, that probably means it’s not worth it to you.

Think of it this way. If you don’t have skin in the game, or some sort of incentive when the going gets tough, you’re less likely to continue on. When you’ve given up something meaningful, that’s just that little bit of extra pressure that makes you push through your barriers, whatever they may be.

Finally, connect what it is that you’re doing to a higher purpose.

You’ve got to connect your goal to something greater than yourself. Maybe you’ll be serving your family, maybe you’ll be helping your community, or maybe or you’re simply giving back to God or the higher power you believe in.Whatever it is, look for something outside of yourself and think – how will this action give to others? And then let that thought inspire you.

When you feel inertia creeping back in, or if you come up against an obstacle, if you can connect back to that higher purpose, you’ll remember why you wanted to achieve this in the first place. At that point, there’s almost no way you’ll let yourself quit.

You Can Do It!

Life is all about hard work and about pushing past your own perceived limits.

There will always be obstacles that stop you in every area of life. There will always be frustrations. Pushing past those obstacles is the only way to achieve continuous improvement and ultimate satisfaction.

How will you take action? How will you find your limit and then blow right past it?

Once you find that your limits are all in your mind, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.


Brian Rose

Brian Rose
Editor, Brian Rose Uncensored

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