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Healing Your Body With Quantum Physics…

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We’ve known for a long time that our thoughts can shape our words and our words can shape our lives. It’s pretty accepted that the way we think about ourselves and speak about ourselves does indeed have an effect on how we feel about ourselves, how we present ourselves to others, and what we’re able to achieve in this life.

Tony Robbins gives a great example of this in one of his videos. He describes two people who are trying to quit smoking.

One smoker focuses on how good they’re going to feel, how much money they’ll save, and how their long-term health will improve now that they’re done smoking.

The other person says, “I’m going to try to quit smoking, but it’s hard. After all, I’ve been a life-long smoker.”

Which of these two do you think would be more successful?

The person who thinks and talks about all the great side effects they hope to experience, or the person who identifies themselves as a lifelong smoker?

It doesn’t take a genius to know that the person who identifies himself as a person focused on a great future is way more likely to be successful than the other guy. No matter how many nicotine patches and special gums that person tries, they’ve already identified themselves as someone who is a smoker and so a smoker they shall stay.

That’s one great example of how your words and thoughts can affect your actions.

Did you know they can affect your health, too?

One of my all-time favorite guests Dr. Joe Dispenza recently told me about something called coherence healing. Coherence healing involves changing your emotional state and using your “vibes” (if you will) to heal your body.

Change Your Energy 

Dr. Dispenza is an expert in this field. His work is at the cutting edge of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics. He’s a researcher, educator, and celebrated author who shows people how to change their energy in order to change their life – from the inside out.

Now, to the average skeptic, this may sound like complete quackery, but you’ve got to know that Dr. Dispenza and his colleagues have spent years studying this. They have case after case after case where patients are spontaneously healed after exposure to coherence healing.

Some people might call this a miracle. Others will call it what it is: simple quantum physics.

As Dr. Dispenza describes it, all matter is affected by energy in the field. If you can change the energy in the field, you can change the matter.

And there is no greater energy than the energy brought on by human emotion.

You see, you can think positively and you can speak about something positively, but if, deep down, your emotions don’t match your thoughts, all that positive thinking is for naught.

You Must First Learn To Manage Your Emotional State

I realize this is a strange, abstract concept, but you’ve probably already experienced its effects in your life in the past.

For example, have you ever felt a really bad headache coming on and then your favorite song came on the radio?

After 3 minutes of singing and enjoying the music, you may have noticed that your headache was completely gone.

Does that mean your headache was cured by music?

No. Your emotional state changed your energy, and your energy was greater than the effects of the headache.

Or maybe you were feeling ill but you decided to watch your favorite sports team play anyways.

As the game went on, if your team was winning and you were really getting into it, you might have noticed that you were starting to feel better. Once again, the Packers didn’t cure your bad stomach – it was that your emotions were in sync with feeling better and so you began to feel better.

This can have an opposite effect, too. Have you ever had an experience where you were feeling fine, but then your colleague or family member did something so infuriating that you became angry, and then all of a sudden you noticed you had a headache coming on?

These are all very simple examples of how an emotional state can have a physical effect.

Essentially, what happened at these times was that you sent out (for lack of a better word) a positive vibration. When you send out positivity, you are available to receive positivity as well in your body, mind, and spirit.

This same power can be harnessed for longer-lasting and greater healing effects too.

The first key to trying this powerful exercise for yourself is to think of the times that you felt good, accomplished, happy, successful, free, or well.

How did your body feel?

How did your brain feel?

Tap Into What It Was Really Like To Experience Those Things 

Think of an extremely positive time in your life and remember…

When everything was going great, what did that feel like?

Then, the next time you’re sitting around scrolling through your phone or stuck in traffic, tap into those feelings again. Really focus on how wellness felt or how success felt.

As you remember deeply what it felt like, you may notice yourself starting to smile. That’s completely normal, so go with it and don’t shut it down.

As you practice this more and more, it will become easier for you to tap into these feelings of calmness or success or joy. Then, the next time you’re faced with a situation that’s scary or frustrating, or the next time you start to feel sick, remember you can simply tap into these emotions and feel the calm and wellness in your body again.

This costs you nothing to try, and, if done correctly, could change everything. Why not give it a shot?


Brian Rose

Brian Rose
Editor, Brian Rose Uncensored

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