The Power Of Letting Go…

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We humans are funny creatures. We are so susceptible to the same joys and the same fears, it’s almost laughable.

One of the most powerful fears that we humans face is the fear of loss.

Whether it’s a tiny fear like not getting a deal because a coupon expired, or big fears like failing to pay your mortgage and losing your home, the fear of loss colors our choices, our attitudes, and, indeed, our whole lives.

This fear is healthy to a point, yes, but it’s also unhealthy. Almost every obstacle you’re struggling with now is there because of your fear of loss.

What if you didn’t have to be afraid of loss?

What if you didn’t have to fear letting go?

What if you could make choices freely?

How would that change what you could accomplish in this lifetime?

If you weren’t afraid of losing, how much more would you try… and once you’re trying more often, how much more would you win?

I had a very interesting guest recently. Her name is Anita Moorjani, and she went through a very unusual life experience.

After suffering from cancer for years, she actually went into a non-responsive coma. Her entire body began to shut down and doctors told her husband she wouldn’t live through the night.

While this was happening externally, internally, Anita’s experience was much different. She had a Near Death Experience and instead of feeling the cold hand of death, she felt well, and liberated, and totally free.

Not only did she come out of her coma (as you’ve no doubt surmised), she also made a full and complete recovery. No cancer, and no lasting effects… except for one.

After this occurred, she could hear voices of dear loved ones and other spirits who had passed on guiding her to make different choices in her life. This changed everything for Anita.

Whether you believe in voices of a spiritual nature or not, we all have voices telling us the right and wrong things to do. Some call it conscience, some call it connection with a higher power or something on the other side – whatever it is, we all have them…

Most Of The Time, Those Voices Give Us Messages For The Better

In Anita’s case, she ran into a scary situation where she was faced with the prospect of losing the right to live in the U.S. When her visa ran out, she had no employer to further sponsor her.

She was just days from leaving America…

When another, more lucrative offer came along. In that time of uncertainty, did she worry?

Was she frightened and stressed out about where she and her family would have to go or what would this would mean for her career?

At first, yes! But then, her spiritual guides or voices or what-have-you reminded her that if she just let go and didn’t worry, everything would turn out okay. Instead of staying up all night, every night with anxiety over the situation, she was able to relax, and as luck would have it, it turned out in the end for her…

But what about those situations where letting go doesn’t turn into a greater deal or a new job or an even better financial situation?

After all, we’re afraid of loss because we know the pain that can come with it.

How do we move past that and realize that letting go is still okay even if it means change?

Change Is Inevitable 

The old saying goes, “There’s only two constants in life: death and taxes.” I’m going to say there’s a third – it’s change. No matter how hard you try, you will face a change in your situation at some point. You’ll lose a job, you’ll get a raise, your spouse will want to move to the other side of the country…

Whatever it is, change is inevitable, so rather than worrying about it… stressing about it… and staying up at night sick over it, accept that change is coming.

Realize You Have The Confidence And Ability To Deal With Whatever Change Brings Your Way

Yes, it’s scary to lose your job. You may have lost a job in the past. What did you do about it? Chances are you went out looking and got a new one. Yes, it’s scary to move across the country. After all, not only will you have to move everything you own, you then have to figure out new patterns, too. Everything from what grocery store to shop at to the best route to your new job will be a puzzle for you to figure out.

Once again, though, you’ve dealt with change in the past and you can do it again. You have the confidence, skills, and capability to deal with whatever life throws at you.

Finally, remember you can never get something better in your life unless you’re willing to let go of the thing that you already have.

If you’re unwilling to let go of your high school days and your experiences as a teenager, you never would’ve attended college… If you never left college because that was your comfort zone, you would never have a good job… If you never left your parents’ house, you would never have a family of your own… and so on and so forth.

Every great thing that you now have in your life is the result of knowing that you had to let something else go.

When you’re faced with the fear of loss, instead of reacting emotionally and letting fear cripple or destroy you, decide to face it with excitement.

Yes, you might lose, but if you can face that challenge with excitement and a positive mindset, there’s no end to what you might win instead.


Brian Rose

Brian Rose
Editor, Brian Rose Uncensored

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