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Why Trump Pays ZERO In Taxes

Recently, The New York Times printed the “surprise” news that President Donald Trump paid next to nothing in taxes—$750 to be exact. I’m not sure when so many in this country fell in love with paying taxes, but the reality is that the DNA of America is to pay as little taxes as possible. Paying taxes is not patriotic. Taxes are theft. The reason why wealthy people like me hate taxes is because when you give a bureaucrat money, all they do is spend. But our country is massively in debt and they still want more...

Jon Najarian

Jon Najarian is a legendary options trader, hall of famer, and TV celebrity. Many know him as a best-selling author and the host of CNBC’s Halftime Report.

Jon earned the nickname “DRJ” - Dr. J - from his time working on the hardknock Chicago trading floor of the 1980’s, where he competed against some of...

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