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Dear Reader,

Let me ask you a question.

What do you need if you want to become a really successful runner?

I mean, whether you want to run marathons or even just jog around your neighborhood, there are a lot of products and techniques that can help you run better, right?

Even a simple google search for “best accessories for runners” comes back with an astonishing 62,400,000 results, so clearly runners need accessories if they want to really take it to the next level.

First, you’ve got to have the tracking devices. Without a Fitbit or an Apple Watch, how will you know how far you’ve gone or if you’ve beaten your old personal best time?

Then you need the accessories that make running more comfortable and convenient. After all, without a storage pouch, you’ll have nowhere to put your keys, and if you’re running at night, a light-up LED bracelet must be a necessity…

And we can’t forget the shoes. Everyone knows that runners have to have the most technologically advanced shoes around, and that the runners who are the most serious about their comfort and their sport need their shoes to be custom-selected for their specific foot shape and stride…

Remember the Google search I just mentioned? Well, a search for “best running shoes” brings up a mind-blowing 431 MILLION results, so clearly, the shoes are the key to the whole thing, right?

I Used To Subscribe To This School Of Thought… 

In fact, when I trained for my IronMan competition, I bought some fantastic shoes and then headed out to practice long runs before the big day…

But it turns out that I and millions of other runners might be going about this all wrong…

Recently, I had Tony Riddle on London Real. He’s an endurance athlete natural life-stylist, meaning he tries to live as simply and as close to nature as possible – to the point where there’s no furniture in his house.

Tony has completed a number of insane feats of endurance, and recently, he ran the entire length of the United Kingdom. That’s 874 miles!

The last day alone was 57 miles of non-stop running. It’s fair to say that Tony knows a thing or two about how to run…

And perhaps the most remarkable thing of all about this particular run is that he did the whole thing barefoot.

That’s right – no shoes over pavement, over dirt, over sticks and stones…

It was just Tony, out there in the elements, running with no protection for his feet.

This challenges just about all the conventional wisdom about running…

How did he accomplish this feat without hurting himself? How did he keep going day after day?

How was this even possible?

According to Tony, it’s not the extra stuff we pile on that makes a better runner…

It’s The Very Way We Run

Think about it.

Football or soccer? Running up and down the field.

Basketball? You’ve got to run across the court more or less nonstop if you want to stay in the game.

And baseball – running in short bursts at the right time will either make or break the game.

But when it comes to improving our performance in these sports, or even just improving our running in general…

We’re quick to buy new shoes and load up on bells and whistles.

The last thing we do is look at our technique.

Tony decided to go about this differently, and so he began to study the Pose Method of running.

This small series of changes was the key to unlocking everything for him. Running this way made a previously impossible feat… possible.

And it’s not just Tony who can benefit from this – you can, too.

You see, the “normal” way to run involves a forward leaning posture. This creates a lot of pressure on certain points of the feet.

It also creates a lot of tension in some areas of the body, and a lot of joint stress in others.

This Pose Method adjusts your posture so you can run without that tension, stress, and pressure.

It turns out that if you run with this new posture and you maintain a certain pace, you can run much further than you ever thought possible.

All of this is because the mechanics of running we all know are fundamentally wrong.

You see, when you run with the wrong posture and pace, you’re causing your feet – which are the foundation of the whole body – to unevenly strike a hard surface again and again.

The effects of this travel up the body, causing stress on your bones and strain on your muscles.

This causes wear on the body and injury. That’s why so many people hate running, and even those who do like it feel the need to add accessories so they can be safer and more comfortable.

It Turns Out None Of That Is Necessary

It’s true that in order to learn this new method of running, you’ll have to unlearn everything you already know about it, but if this technique could change your running, your fitness, and your life, isn’t it worth it?

Maybe you already think you know how to run and trying a new method is over the top…

Or maybe you’ve read this whole message and you think it doesn’t apply to you because you can’t run because you find it difficult and uncomfortable…

Today, I challenge you to think differently and give this a try.

After all, if you vary your approach, you will most certainly vary your outcome. You may even be pleasantly surprised with what happens next.


Brian Rose

Brian Rose
Editor, Brian Rose Uncensored

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