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“Let’s say I made an extra $40 Million this year. Nothing in my life would change… I think my happiness might even go down.”

Crazy, right? 99.9% of people would never say that. Even reading it might blow their minds. How could you be less happy with more money? It seems absurd to most people…

But not everyone is like Teeka Tiwari.

Teeka has appeared on London Real several times. He’s a former Wall Street trader with a client list the length of your arm… but he wasn’t always an investing hot shot.

He grew up in foster care in the U.K and moved to the U.S with little more than $150 and the clothes on his back.

Just two short years later, he had fought his way up to being the youngest employee at Lehman Brothers.

Teeka’s Successes Began To Build… And Build… And Build. 

After 15 years on Wall Street, he went on to manage his own private hedge fund where he made his clients millions.

Since then, Teeka has become a world-renowned cryptocurrency expert. He helps investors – mostly everyday folks like you and I – to correctly find and understand the opportunities that will help them the most.

Speaking of his earlier adult years, he says, “It was all about me. There was no amount of money that was enough. It was a bottomless hole that I was trying to fill.”

At that time, Teeka earned millions in his efforts to feel good. Once he’d accumulated a lot of wealth and material possessions… he noticed that it wasn’t enough. It didn’t feel like much of an accomplishment. It felt sort of… hollow.

It was at that point that Teeka realized the errors of his ways.

It wasn’t money that would fill the hole in his heart…

It was giving value to others.

Teeka realized that there was no sports car or fancy house that would give him the same joy he got from helping others. Once he figured this out, his life took on a whole new direction, and with this new sense of purpose, he felt alive and whole in a way he hadn’t before.

Giving To Others – Can Feel Better Than Any High On Earth

A lot of people have this revelation, and so they decide to volunteer at a soup kitchen or to clean up litter at a park. This kind of giving back is a fantastic practice, of course, but sometimes, there’s an even more effective way to help people.

Rather than volunteering in the traditional avenues, you can do what Teeka did and find something that harnesses your unique skill set so you can value to the lives of others that way instead.

These days, instead of trading and earning stacks of cash for himself, Teeka takes his knowledge of trading and uses it to help others so they can be free of money worries, too – no matter who they are. He’s helped truck drivers, students, grandmothers… you name it.

Because he has such a wealth of knowledge on the topic, he can help them in a way not many other people can, and when he does? It’s honestly life-changing. The thank you letters and emails he gets from these people tell him so on a daily basis.

When you’ve been head down in your job and your daily life for so long, it can be difficult to imagine how you could do something similar.

After all, we tend to forget what we had to learn in order to get where we are in life. In retrospect, it all seems like it was easy… even though you probably had to fight like hell to get where you are today.

But if you really go back and think about it, there are about a million different things you learned along the way…

And each one of those is something you could help somebody else to learn.

Right now, you might be saying, “Come on, how am I supposed to help someone? I’m not Teeka, so I can’t teach people how to trade profitably… All I know is Microsoft Excel. Does anyone really need to know how to use spreadsheets?”

Let’s Play That Out A Bit 

If you offer your expertise with Excel, you could be teaching someone how to budget for the first time in their lives.

You could be teaching them a resume-worthy skill so they land the job they so desperately want.

Or you could be teaching them how to use a program they already have so they can maintain the simple balance sheets that keep their small business up and running.

And this is a very generic example. There’s probably a ton more that you know – and the more specific the knowledge, the more powerful it might be for someone who is now in the shoes you once were in.

What is a seemingly small skill to you might be the next step towards success for someone else.

Once you’ve got the segments of knowledge defined, you can then identify how best to share them.

You might develop a YouTube channel, or an email list where you share your knowledge, your insight, and the tricks you’ve developed over a lifetime of effort.

You may never get to the point where you’d turn down $40 Million dollars, but you definitely will get a sense of pride and accomplishment from sharing what you know.

Whether you can help 2 people, or 20, or even 200, that’s a lasting legacy you’ll be proud to leave behind.


Brian Rose

Brian Rose
Editor, Brian Rose Uncensored

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