NEVER Value Money Over Time

Dear Reader,

Quick question — can you name the last thing you bought?

Maybe it was a breakfast burrito, maybe it was a new shirt or a magazine. Whatever it was, can you name it?

Chances are the answer popped into your head immediately. And even if you couldn’t remember the very last thing, you probably thought of six or seven things you bought recently.

Now, on the other hand, if I ask you what you were doing between 4pm and 7pm on Saturday, you probably couldn’t describe how you spent that time without looking at a calendar.

Why is it so easy to keep track of one of these, and so hard to pay attention to the other?

Time and Money

I’m talking about your time and your money. Two big things that are on people’s minds all the time.

Most people pay more attention to the latter than they do to the former, but you know what?

Those people are getting this all wrong.

They’re really conscientious about how they spend their money, but they’re pretty careless with how they spend their time.

If you look at your last 24 hours you can probably remember what you spent every dollar on. And if you can’t remember off the top of your head, you could very easily look it up. People care about their money so much that they track it regularly.

Most people are very concerned about what comes out of their wallet. But it’s a rare person who cares about tracking their time.

Forget about using it to the fullest, they’re not even paying attention to how their time is spent at all!

Case in point: Can you accurately estimate how much time you spend on things that don’t matter? Just about everyone spends hours of their day checking their newsfeed on Facebook, scrolling through Instagram, or staring at whatever comes up on Netflix.

People aren’t careful enough with their time, and that’s a real shame.

Time is a precious resource and “not having enough time” is the number one reason people cite when they’re talking about why they haven’t met a goal.

See, money is an infinite resource — it might not seem like it sometimes, but you can always tap into more.

Time, on the other hand, is finite.

Which Do You Value More?

We all have a finite amount of time on this planet. You might only have ten days left to live — maybe it’s longer, maybe you’ve got twenty years, but no matter what that number is, when the end comes, it comes.

You can always make more money, but no one — NO ONE — can make more time.

My good friend Robert Kiyosaki once told me something that has always stuck with me.

He asked me a question: “Brian, how did you get here today?”

I replied, “I took a plane, why?”

He smiled a bit and asked, “Well, why didn’t you take a boat?”

I thought this might be a trick question of some sort, but I answered honestly, “Because the plane was much quicker, of course.”

“Exactly. You traded your money for time. You spent your money to get a better result so you could win,” he replied.

He went on…

“So many people out there say that they are concerned with their time. But when it comes down to it, they are not willing to part with their money to get a result that gets them where they need to be faster. They do not realize that if they just spent the money, they could start their company quicker, beat the competition with ease, make that six figures earlier — whatever their goals are, they could get there faster.”

What Are YOU Going to Invest In?

What could you invest in today?

Where can you spend money so can you save time?

Maybe it’s for your business — you could get an automation tool that will save hours you normally spend on repetitive tasks.

Maybe it’s in your personal life — you could splurge on a matchmaking service and finally find “the one” instead of wasting time going on dates with the wrong people.

Maybe it’s something even simpler than that — maybe it’s time to hire a housekeeper so you can get back hours of your life and get a clean house in the process.

You probably have an idea of at least a few things you could invest in that would cost money, yes, but better your life in the long run. If you’ve got several ideas, jot them down in a list and start knocking them off one by one.

When you first start this trading money for time process, it can be difficult.

There’s a mindset shift associated with it, and whenever we’re required to grow and change, there can be some discomfort involved. But whatever it is you choose to invest in, you’ll see benefits that are even greater than dollars in a bank account.

Once you choose to invest in your life, you can accelerate your growth exponentially. You’ll get so much more out of every day — isn’t that worth a few dollars?

I find that when I’m willing to part with the money, I can win and win and win. And when I don’t, I invariably regret it, because I don’t get those winning results.


Brian Rose

Brian Rose
Editor, Brian Rose Uncensored

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