How to Win Big in the Penny Stock World

You’ve made it to the final three! I’m impressed with your dedication.

We’re going to get right on rolling through these final steps.

Also, remember, feel free to print these out for reference. It’s a ton of useful information that people PAY money for.

But you’ve got it all here, at your fingertips, for free.

8. The Best Penny Stock Chart Patterns

Now, we’re getting to the good stuff. Nobody else, except my students, uses these charts because they’re mine.

I created them after watching stock charts for years and better understanding the patterns that play out.

The Supernova

We’ll start with my favorite. The Supernova looks like a stock chart exploded. It might have experienced modest peaks and valleys over several months, then it skyrockets for a short period of time.

If you catch a Supernova, you can easily triple your investment or more. I’ve seen them shoot up to 10 or more times their original price.

The Stair Stepper

As the name suggests, this stock pattern looks just like a staircase when viewed from the side. It goes up, then flat lines, then goes up again.

There might be a few dips along the way, but the stair-stepper pattern repeats.

The Snore

Ignore this stock pattern at all costs. It’s incredibly boring because it lacks liquidity and volatility.

The Crow

I named this pattern the crow because it’s like watching a bird pick off your investment one chunk at a time until there’s nothing left. If you start to see a crow pattern, get out immediately to avoid potential losses.

9. How to Develop Your Own Penny Stock Trading Strategy

There are four things you’ll need to get started with pennystocking.

First, you need at least one brokerage account.

This is the account from which you’ll invest in the stock market. I have plenty of recommended brokers, but you’ll need to choose one that works for you.

This is particularly true if you’re starting with a limited investment, such as $500 or $1,000.

Second, arm yourself with research.

The more, the better. Look at as many stock charts as possible and identify the patterns you see based on what you read in this guide. Return to this guide over and over again until you can practically recite it verbatim.

Third, create your watchlist. This is the list of stocks in which you’re interested.

If you identify a pattern you think you can play successfully, execute the trade. Watch it carefully, then get out before you could begin to lose money. In addition to your own list, subscribe to TIMalerts.

Fourth and finally, get a trading diary. This is one of the most important assets for any investor.

In it, you’ll record every trade you make as well as your observations and the results. It will help you avoid making the same mistake twice.

Plus, it can become a teaching tool if you ever want to help a friend or relative invest in penny stocks.

10. What Do You Need to Succeed in the Penny Stock Market?

The most important thing you can do before investing in the penny stock market is create a set of rules for yourself. You’ll never break these rules because they define your trading strategy.

I have my own list of rules, which I’ll get into below, but keep in mind that my rules might not work for you. We might have different risk tolerances or goals.

When you create a rule for yourself, make sure you understand the reasoning behind it.

For instance, let’s say that you never want to risk more than 2% of your brokerage account on a single play. That’s reasonable.

But why? Maybe it’s because you’re highly conservative, or perhaps it’s because you want to free up more of your capital for other plays.

My Best Tips from Winning Big

If you’re interested in my rules, all of which have helped me succeed over the years, here they are.

  1. Be nimble
  2. Be conservative
  3. Be thorough
  4. Be aware of the overall market
  5. Be able to stop yourself
  6. Be willing to go long or short
  7. Be committed to taking gains quickly
  8. Be enchanted by simplicity
  9. Be committed to profiting at least $0.50 per share
  10. Be willing to play the long game
  11. Be a retired trader

As I said, you might have different rules.

These strategies, though, have helped me become a multi-millionaire and have allowed me to teach people how to play this wonderful game.

You Can Also Learn From My Mistakes

Have you ever lost $500,000 on a single play? I have.

My mistakes are numerous, but I’m still successful. That’s something I want you to keep in mind as you embrace penny stocks.

Yes, you’ll lose money, but it’s part of the process.

My goal is to help you profit more than you lose.

The Bottom Line

I’m not afraid to give away a ton of information for free.

Some people charge thousands of dollars for access to their knowledge, but I’m not that guy.

I hope this guide helped boost your knowledge about penny stocks and the stock market.


— Tim Sykes
Editor, Penny Stock Millionaires