A Positive Turn Around For Risk?

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I have learned a lot in the past eight years since I began London Real. I have interviewed countless guests and had the chance to listen and learn from some incredible people. Part of why I love broadcasting is because it allows me to gain knowledge and insight into all types of people. It also allows me to share that knowledge and insight with my audience around the world. 

Today’s issue focuses on one particular topic, gathering some of the insights several different guests have shared with me. These are things I’ve learned that have helped shaped me into a better person. I hope you are able to take some of my pieces of advice and implement them in your own lives.

The topic? It starts with ri

Take Risks 

You must take risks in your life. This is something I struggled with constantly for nearly 30 years. 

I was trained as a mechanical engineer at MIT. They taught me not to take risks… with good reason. They said to me, “Brian, when you design a bridge it can’t fall.” Everything we did centered around being very careful and playing it safe — precision and fixed outcomes were crucial. 

That’s all well and good when it comes to building structures that need precision and careful work.

The problem was that this mentality infected my personal life, too. I was playing it safe all the time. I said no far more often than I said yes… and this really started to hurt me.

The greatest people you will ever encounter in your life — your heroes, the people you admire — all took massive risks to gain the adoration and respect you have for them. 

If you are unable to take risks in your own life, you will end up living the clichéd “quiet life of desperation.”

You will look back at the end of your life and think, “Wow, what a waste.”  

If you are feeling frustrated with your life right now, it’s probably because you are not taking enough risks. 

And the thing is, I’m not saying you should do anything dangerous or life-threatening. 

What I’m talking about is taking risks by putting your ideas out in the world. Stop being concerned about what other people will think and just go for it.

Don’t be afraid to fail. 

You have no idea how much failure I have experienced at London Real. From guests that don’t land with our audience… to products that don’t work… I have definitely experienced my fair share of failure, even within the endeavor I am most proud of. Failure is par for the course in anything worthwhile. What matters is actually taking the plunge. It pays off more often than you might think. And you can never know if you’ll succeed in anything without trying.

Invest In Yourself

This next insight ties into risk.

The best money you will ever spend is the money you spend investing in yourself. 

Most people walk around with a $1,000 iPhone in their pocket, but are unwilling to invest that same $1,000 in education, or in their business. 

You can always make the excuse that you don’t have money for the class or the seminar that will help launch your business to the next level. But it’s just an excuse. 

Rather than spending your money on a vacation or a new outfit, invest that money in yourself – in your growth!

When I was 18 years old I took out some big loans to pay for my education at MIT. It was one of the greatest investments of my life. 

It’s time for you to put your money to good use and invest in yourself. 

Get to Know Who You Are

Perhaps before you can invest in yourself, you need to know yourself. It sounds trite, but bear with me… 

How much time do you spend on a first date learning about the likes and hobbies of your potential partner? And why do you spend time asking these questions and listening to their answers? It’s because you like this person. 

Take the time to learn about yourself and who you are as a person. Try to see yourself as an individual with the power to give back to the world, someone you want to know and like, and then figure out how you can do that. 

Meditate, go on an Ayahuasca retreat, reflect. Just do something. 

When you are able to look inward and be real with yourself, you will be able to figure out what you want from life. You will be able to pursue your goals with more clarity, and then in turn be able to turn around and see how your life can make a positive impact on the world around you. 

You will be able to live a fuller life when you are in touch with yourself and realize that you cannot live for yourself alone, but that you must find a way to live for others. 

Pull The Trigger

You have to get out there and go get some. 

Life is about taking advantage of opportunities. 

In my case, I took the opportunity with my education. I left home and flew across the country to attend MIT. I took opportunities with my job working in both NYC and London. I took opportunities to travel all around the world from Tokyo to Africa. And then I took the opportunity to leave my whole career behind and start something entirely different with London Real.

All this to say, you have to be able to pull the trigger to get the most out of life. 

One of my favorite quotes about this is from the classic movie Fight Club when Brad Pitt’s character Tyler Durden says, “I don’t want to die without any scars.” 

You get scars when you take chances, and that’s what life is all about. 

In addition, don’t be afraid to have your own opinion. It’s okay to tell someone else that you think they are wrong or that you disagree with them. From Martin Luther King to Gandhi, all the greatest people in the world have told someone else that they are wrong

Go do things your way. Don’t listen to your friends or your family who will often advise you to stay small and to play is safe. This all goes back to my first piece of advice which was to take risks. In order to take those risks you have to first pull that trigger. 

There will always be excuses for why you can’t do something or why you should wait or why it isn’t the right time. Stop making excuses and pull the trigger.

I hope you found some of this advice helpful and that you’re able to start using these words of wisdom in your everyday lives. I’d love to hear how you have implemented my advice and how it’s helped to change you. 

Keep taking those risks.


Brian Rose

Brian Rose
Editor, Brian Rose Uncensored

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