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Sadhguru is an Indian yogi, mystic, visionary, and philanthropist; but to be honest, when I first heard his name, I was a bit skeptical. These days it seems like there is always another “guru” taking social media by storm and trying to tell others what to do with their lives. However, I later came to learn, from Sadhguru himself, that “guru” is really just a four letter word – not even something he subscribes to.


Sadhguru is the real deal and is here to challenge all our BS and push us to choose the ideals we want to have about ourselves and our conscious. 


He’s been a keynote speaker at the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, and has been named as one of India’s 50 most influential people. His book Inner Engineering, a New York Times best seller, details his transformational system for achieving inner fulfilment.


His Isha Foundation, with more than 9 million volunteers worldwide, is dedicated to addressing all aspects of human wellbeing.


Sadhguru believes we only have about 10-15 more years to save the environment and that can only happen through a change in global consciousness. 


I relate to his views so much because that is exactly what we are trying to do a London Real – start conversations on a global scale. 


Sadhguru and I talked about so many interesting topics during our interview, and I encourage you to check out the full video here; however, today I wanted to focus on Sadhguru’s views of drugs.




I wanted to be very open with Sadguru and tell him about my personal experiences with psychedelic drugs. I have had moments when I have transcended my body and felt an incredible connection to the universe. I have been able to see what everything is all about, but these moments have always happened under the influence of psychedelics. 


Without having had these experiences with drugs I probably wouldn’t have fully understood  everything Sadhguru talked about in regards to connecting with the universe and seeing the big picture. The reason I know Sadhguru speaks the truth stems from my usage of psychedelics and I wanted to know what Sadhguru thought of this. 


His response was, “without that [psychedelics], you would have understood that you don’t understand what I’m talking about.” With that, now you think you understand.” Basically telling me that I cannot understand his teaching because of my experiences with psychedelics. 


Recently, Sadhguru was at a university in India, a place filled with lots of young people and students. A lot of these people want to make marijuana legal; to which Sadhguru responded, “no problem,” because it is a “natural drug” rather than a synthetic drug. 


Sadhguru; however, posed a question to the students. He asked, if you wanted to fly on a plane and you knew that the pilot was “smoked up,” using marijuana, would you want to fly with him? 


The students answered, “no.”


Again he posed the question, what if you needed surgery and the surgeon was “smoked up” would you want him to perform the surgery? 


Again the answer was, “no one hundred percent.”


Sadhguru responds to the students by asking finally, “how come you think you can be a good student in a college smoked up?”


If the students can understand that their faculties are lowered when on drugs, why would they want to pursue this? 


As much as I get where Sadhguru is coming from, I still told him that the drugs really have given me a glimpse into something that I feel like I’m missing. Sadhguru didn’t doubt that this was true for me, but instead challenged me to find the way within myself rather than using altering substances to do the work for me.  


Sadhguru calls the human body, “the finest chemical factory on the planet.” He has found a way to access all the chemical the human body holds and has learned to trust that these chemicals will find their way into the proper human receptors. 




One other interesting thing which I mentioned above that I wanted Sadhguru to talk more about was the actual definition of a “guru.” 


“Gu” means darkness and “ru” means expeller. 


So “guru” literally means “one who expels your darkness.” 


When you walk into a room you can physically turn on a light to expel the darkness. That light is your guru because it allows you to see the whole room, fully, the way that it is. 


There are obviously other dimensions of life where you can’t simply turn on a lamp; in these subjective dimensions you need a different kind of light. Whatever the light is that opens the dimension for you is your guru. 


Sadhguru calls guru a four letter word, “because of all the ugly ways it is being used today.” I had expressed my concern to Sadhguru over the swell of “fake gurus” on the internet and my skepticism over the idea of the guru. He responded with the advice, “never believe what people say. Just look at them, how they are.” 


I think this is really incredible advice to take into all aspects of life. You will always be surrounded with the types of people who “talk a big talk,” but if you don’t see that person following their own advice and actively living what they preach, then they are not worth being around. 


I encourage you all to follow the advice Sadhguru gave me: look inside yourself and discover how to do the work on your own in order to find the light. Fight the need to let outside substances or people get you to where you want to be. Instead, champion your own way and reach the truth yourself. 


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