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When I sat down with Robert Kiyosaki a few months ago, we discussed a lot of important topics. I know all of it resonated with my followers, because so many of you watched this broadcast.

Robert Kiyosaki Interview

It was really cool to witness… not only the conversation we shared, but seeing so many people respond so strongly to it.


And while this all happened a few months ago, today I thought about one specific man Robert talked a lot about.


  1. Buckminster Fuller. 


Fuller was one of the most influential futurists in American history. As a 20th century inventor and visionary, he did not limit himself to one field but worked as a “comprehensive anticipatory design scientist” to create and build resolutions to global problems. He’s acted as a major contributor to architecture, design, science, and finance. His influence is still huge in all of these fields. 


And Robert Kiyosaki had the privilege to study under him in the 1980’s, right before Fuller died. 


Robert told me that one of Fuller’s foundational points in understanding the universe was generalized principles. He used these principles as building blocks to determine what the future might and could hold. 


See, generalized principles are facts of life; they’re always true. If one drops a rock in water there’s always a ripple no matter what. Buckminster referred to this as precession


Humans are always creating ripples. 


Every ripple we create is us becoming more and more powerful.


However, with this power comes a loss of humanity. Humans have not evolved to our maximum potential. 


Yes, we are powerful. 


But on an evolutionary basis? We are weak. 

The Good and the Bad of Human Evolution

Think about it. 


Many technological advancements make humans less social. Fuller once said to Robert that we’re in the “final examination” as human beings. We have to evolve because although technology is evolving, humans aren’t and that’s the challenge. 


“Unfortunately, we’re not evolved as human beings. It’s horrifying. We’re more antagonistic, more antisocial. Social media IS antisocial,” Robert said to me.


And often, it’s true.


Most people using social media do it all alone. Instead of using it as a tool to make genuine connections, most users create walls and feeds and posts to hide behind. Social media definitely CAN be used to bring distant people, cultures and ideas together, but that’s not how the majority of the billions of users use it.


Socialization is one of humanity’s key attributes. 


This made us the most advanced animal on earth. Socialization helped us evolve, invent, build empires, and gave us the power that we have today.


And going even further, Robert used another one of Fuller’s generalized principles to explain human evolution…

Emergence Through Emergency 

Emergence through emergency is a physiological mandate on a species, and it applies to humans facing crisis in the same way it applies to any other species that has faced a powerful phenomenon.


The only way humans are going to evolve is via emergency… 


Emergency has the root emerge…  


Humans will emerge to due to emergency… this can be either a natural or societal crisis, according to Robert. 


I asked Robert what he specifically thinks will be the next crisis. He explained:


A big crisis is coming. As we all know, our banks have ripped us off immensely. 


They’re just a bunch of crooks. I don’t know how they can live with themselves, but… 


The bankers rip off trillions, and they get bonuses in the billions. And nobody goes to jail. 


That’s a sickness of our society. So that’s why I write about financial education. 


It’s almost like self-defence, it’s almost like taking Judo against our own government, our own banking systems and Wall Street. So that’s why we educators do what we do… teaching people what schools will not teach us.


All of this is part of RObert’s mission to help people evolve in a beneficial way. A way that will make us all richer in mind, body and spirit. That’s the gift that financial education and wealth will bring us, he believes – freedom.

Robert’s Mission

Don’t think that during this conversation Robert spoke ill of humanity the whole time. He doesn’t think these societal issues are the individual’s fault, but rather the fault of the institutions we all depend on. 


He travels all over the world for months on end to promote his teachings of financial education. He told me that he needs to tell people about this upcoming crash (crisis) and current financial issues that are out there. He challenges us to ask financial questions.


Questions open our minds. 


This is Robert’s mission. His fight. His evolution. 


Robert teaches financial education from what he learned from his rich dad and through his different experiences. He explains:


I’ve had personal financial crashes.


I’ve had people stab me in the back, but I’m fine with all of these failures, because I grow from them.


People who are afraid of making mistakes, like they teach in school, they don’t ever grow. There’s good and there’s bad, there’s right and there’s wrong, there’s up and there’s down.


Most people only want to be right, they only want to be positive. Well, you can’t have that. That’s not reality.


I think both Robert and I can agree that people should take failure as lessons, lessons that teaches you how to fight back. In other words, failure evolves humans. 


Modern evolution is fighting back, learning and beating downfalls, and coming back even stronger. 


To move toward the future, you have to study your history, you have to fail, and you have to grow from both of these forces combined.


Robert learned this from Fuller. And now he’s teaching it to all of us who are willing to listen.


Brian Rose

Brian Rose
Editor, Brian Rose Uncensored

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