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Networking is a crucial part to building and sustaining a business. Making and maintaining connections with others is key to success. No one creates anything alone.


Jordan Harbinger is one of the most incredible networkers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I first met Jordan seven years ago when I was in LA doing the Joe Rogan experience. At the time, Jordan was hosting his Art of Charm podcast. Jordan is a master networker, he is always checking in on people, investing in them, and connecting them. 


When I was launching London Real, Jordan was one of the first people whose podcasts I knew about and followed religiously. He truly was a pioneer in the field. 


I use his networking tips myself, and if you want to learn how to network better, Jordan is your guy. 

Who is Jordan Harbinger and Why Should You Care?

Jordan Harbinger is an award-winning broadcaster, entrepreneur and networking expert. Forbes magazine named him one of the 50 Best Relationship Builders on the Planet.


In 2006 he launched the The Art of Charm podcast after leaving his career as a Wall Street lawyer. The show became a huge success and topped the iTunes charts for 12 years.


His new venture The Jordan Harbinger Show distills untapped wisdom from the world’s top performers. Jordan’s show has been incredibly successful, with over 4 million downloads a month. 


Apple also named it one of the Best Podcasts of 2018.

The Art of Networking

Networking is not a dirty word. 


Jordan learned the art of building relationships when he began working on Wall Street. He realized the way to excel in his job was to bringing in new clients for his firm. He dedicated his time to building this specific skill set and it changed his whole career. 


Relationship building skills are the most important thing in networking. 


“Dig your well before you’re thirsty.” 


This saying means that you have to create relationships with people before you need to leverage them. At the same time networking is not about creating “fake relationships.” 


It’s a matter of finding diverse people who care about your success and then introducing all those people to each other. This is the very first step to successful networking. 


You have to be constantly building and maintaining connections and sharing those connections with the people around you. 


As an exercise, Jordan suggests making a list of the 15 people you would turn to if you got laid off and needed a job. This could be your old professor, your first boss, or even an ex’s parent with a high power job. Then reach out to these people before you actually need them. You will rekindle these relationships without needing anything immediately. 


Networking is only awkward when you neglect the ground work. Send the texts or the emails. Make the calls. Find out who your contacts are, what they are good at, and find out how to introduce them to other contacts. 

Jordan’s Advice on Having a Successful Podcast

Care about what you’re doing and care about the experience of the viewer. 


A lot of people are churning out content that is purely for surface level gratification, whether that be more likes on a social media platforms or better publicity for themselves. 


The real successful hosts of popular podcasts or shows focus more on their guest than on themselves. They take the time to do their research and engage in conversations that will be educational for the listener or the viewer. 


Quality conversations that are able to educate the audience will always win out over clickbait. Advocate for your audience and you will have long-term success. 

Getting Out of a Job You Hate

Jordan and I have similar stories in that we were both working in the financial world and were incredibly unhappy. 


If you are working in a job that you hate and you are rationalizing it to yourself. STOP. 


If you are looking at your career saying, “well I’ll only do this for x amount of years and then I’ll do what I really want.” STOP


When do you this, you think you are doing it because you are figuring out what you will want later, but actually your life is getting further and further away from you in the process. 


Do not lock yourself in a life that you are scared to “downgrade” from. If you cage yourself into a certain lifestyle that has to be maintained; trust me, you will wake up and be 35 and be unable to start over. 


You can convince yourself that a cushy lifestyle will make you happy; but if that lifestyle is devoid of purpose, you will never be truly fulfilled in your life.

Why You Shouldn’t Follow Your Dreams

In the age of social media it’s so easy to fall into instant gratification traps. As a consumer, you’re constantly bombarded with successful people who just want to tell you to “go for it,” “follow your dreams,” or “be yourself.” 


What you aren’t seeing behind these types of “Insta Famous” people are the years of hardships or the 10 year paths to get where they are today. It’s easy to say “follow your dreams.” 


What’s difficult is to tell someone that they are going to have to work really hard and might still fail. 


Telling someone to follow their dreams isn’t actionable. What is actionable is making a plan and having follow through. Developing a skill or a product that will sell is a lot harder to do than liking a meme on Instagram. Real successful people put in the work.


I always suggest to younger folks: if you aren’t sure what your first actionable steps should be, go get an internship. 


Experience (at any age) is the most useful thing you can have. If you are able to get in rooms with high level people you have hit the jackpot. That experience is worth more in opportunity than any other job. 


Jordan has so much important advice to offer. Not all of it is easy to hear, but that’s what I love about Jordan. 


He isn’t afraid to give honest, truthful advice. I hope you really listen to what he has to say and do some self reflection. Then get out your phone and start building your network.


Brian Rose

Brian Rose
Editor, Brian Rose Uncensored

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