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Dear Reader, 

It seems like some people are just born lucky. 

They have great connections, they have a great network they can turn to. They’ve got resources at their fingertips when they have a question. Or they might have a mentor they can turn to — even just a great group of friends who can help them out. 

I used to wonder how these folks got so lucky. I thought maybe they just happened to be at the right place at the right time, or they were fortunate since childhood because they went to a fancy school or something. 

Maybe you believe that, too. 

In truth, sometimes the answer is yes, they have access to connections that the average person doesn’t have access to. It could be because they were born into a certain social circle or they just happened to attend the right college. 

When you look at it that way, it seems unfair and can be frustrating. After all, how can you get those same connections if you didn’t have the same start in life?

Broadening Your Social Circle

Here’s the deal – anyone – anywhere and anytime – can choose to have a greater social circle. Anyone can meet the people that will make the kind of impact in their life if they desire to do so.

Just think — you could have friends who are knowledgeable, you could have acquaintances who are helpful with your business. You could even have friends and associates who are famous if that’s what’s important to you. 

To get there, all you’ve got to do is start getting comfortable with the idea of meeting new people.

Right now, we live in a day and age where that can seem impossible. Meeting new people is daunting. 

After all, it’s not like the school days were introduced to a batch of dozens of new people every year. Instead of readymade introductions, you have to actively seek people out. 

Also, people are busier than ever now. What with work, family obligations, trying to stay fit, spending quality time with your kids – you name it – you actually have to take time to make new acquaintances and to do that you have to consider developing your network as a priority.

Plus, it’s just kind of strange to admit we want new people in our lives. 

It almost feels like we’re saying something is lacking and that feels bad. 

That’s not necessarily the case — we just want to add to our lives. Grow new relationships and improve our networks.

In order to do this, it’s time to go outside your little bubble and start meeting new people.

Getting Outside of Your Bubble

That may sound simplistic, but let’s be honest. When’s the last time you made a new friend or a new acquaintance who you really clicked with? 

I’m talking about a new relationship where you can both benefit from each other. 

It doesn’t happen all that often. We get stuck in our same social circles and in our same routines and we forget that there’s a world of possibility out there. That possibility starts with other people.

Think about this. When you meet new people you have the opportunity to learn something new. 

Imagine how rich your life could be if you learned something new from every single person you met. 

Also, you gain perspective. You get new fresh ideas and a new outlook on the way things are.  

Not only can people broaden your horizons, you can help influence them as well. When you meet someone with great ideas and you have complementary ideas, you could even collaborate and produce something new to make your business or life stronger.

Over time, you can build up a list of great resources for both your personal and business life. The more people you meet, the more you increase your sphere of influence.

If you’re a business owner or service provider you could even acquire new clients.

You also get to gain new friendships. We’re in such a money and ambition focused culture that we sometimes forget the value of a friend, but it’s huge. 

Having friends helps you prevent loneliness and isolation. Both of those are major sources of depression, so making friends is essential to strong mental health.

Finally, putting yourself out there and meeting new people helps to build your confidence. If you can talk to somebody at the coffee shop, then you can talk to anybody. Once you realize that you can confidently talk to anybody, the world is your oyster.

As you can see, there are tons of benefits for meeting new people. Who wouldn’t want to have a Rolodex full of famous or interesting or helpful friends?

Making Friends in the Modern World

The only question is… How do you go about doing that? 

How do you make new friends in this day and age where we’re all glued to our phones?

Step one is so simple: Put down the phone. 

When you’re alone at a restaurant or waiting for a meeting to start, it’s so tempting to just read or look at Facebook or check the sports stats, I know.

Resist the urge, put your phone down, and look around. There could be a potential connection right in front of you.

Step two is be willing to help others. Nothing will build your influence and your network faster than a willingness to give. 

I’m not saying you should let people take advantage of you, but you have something to offer the world. Why would you not want to share it with the people that you meet?

Another idea — take it from online to offline.

There’s nothing wrong with meeting people online. I’ve met hundreds if not thousands of interesting people that way. The next step in building a real relationship that lasts, though, is to meet those people in person. 

Whether you’re meeting with people in your town or traveling across the country and meeting people at a conference,  face-to-face build connections that online never will.

If your life seems lackluster, or you just want to grow your sphere of influence, it’s time to meet new people. 

Worst case scenario, you’ll have some fun conversations that go nowhere, but best case scenario? 

The next person you meet could be someone who changes your life. 

Go outside and get started. 


Brian Rose

Brian Rose
Editor, Brian Rose Uncensored

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