This ONE Thing Will Alleviate All of Your Stress

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When you think of the most ideal way to start your day – the way that can help you have a healthy, happy, insanely productive day – you probably think about a drinking strong cup of coffee, or taking a moment to review what’s on your calendar, or maybe even taking a little time to meditate and feel gratitude, depending upon which school of thought you’re from.

Would you ever consider turning the shower down to its coldest possible setting and then standing there, letting the frigid water rush over you?

Or better yet – filling the tub with ice and cold water and submerging yourself for 6 to 8 minutes?

If you’re like most people, you probably think that’s a good way to give yourself a heart attack first thing in the morning…

But Wim Hof isn’t most people. 

Wim is a Dutch extreme athlete known for his feats of withstanding extreme temperatures. 

He holds the Guinness World Records for both swimming under ice and for full body contact with ice, and he also holds the record for a barefoot half-marathon on ice and snow above the Arctic Circle. 

Wim Hof Video

Feel The Pain

Most of us feel pain just reading about stepping into ice and snow – forget about going outside without our shoes on – and this guy lives for it!

Wim’s nickname is “The Iceman” and he’s earned it. Another record he holds is the world’s longest ice bath. He stayed submerged in frozen, icy water for an hour and fifty-two minutes. 

All of that might make it sound like Wim is just a crazy person, but the most interesting thing about all of his cold exposure is that it’s made him incredibly healthy and mentally strong, too. 

In fact, he believes his breathing techniques and cold water shock therapy are the solutions to many of our mental and physical health problems.

Best of all, his method (aptly named the Wim Hof Method) of controlling one’s core body temperature and immune system can be learned by anyone.

Wim’s ultimate goals are to end all disease and to create a paradigm shift towards health. He wants to promote caring for the environment and to bring back love and happiness for all people, and he intends to do this…

By encouraging people to get in touch with the cold. 

I’ve known Wim for years now. The methods that he teaches have worked for me personally – time and time again. 

Now, I do get some funny looks when diving into an icy cold pond at Hampstead Heath here in London – especially during winter – but the judgement doesn’t matter, because when I get out of that water, the number one thing that I do notice is that… 

My Stress Has Completely Melted Away 

No matter what’s going on here at the office or at home, I can reconnect with my health and wellbeing just by doing Wim’s cold exposure and breathing exercises.

Imagine that – the cold is better than any antidepressant. It sounds crazy, right?

Wim doesn’t think so. According to him, we all have within us the autonomy and capability to reach peak health and happiness. 

As in, we’re born with the ability to make ourselves feel good – better than any external source or substance can, even. 

You see, in his research, you can use these methods to change your hormonal systems that control your happiness levels, your immune system that is completely in charge of your health, and your cellular mechanisms that affect your energy levels and power. 

He’s literally showing this through scientific studies with several subjects. He’ll take an average person and change their health, their happiness levels, and their lives with his methods. 

After all, it’s one thing to take yourself from depression and illness and the brink of despair to happiness and fulfillment (which Wim did – more on his story later this week)…

But it’s quite another to take people from all walks of life and show them, too. 

At one point, he went so far as to inject himself with e.Coli bacteria but he did not become ill because he used his techniques to make his immune system fight it off…

And then, in order to show that anyone can do this, he replicated this experiment with ten people… and they all fought it off successfully, too. 

What Would You Do If You Could Be Happier, Stronger, and Healthier? 

How could your life change if you knew these changes were right at your fingertips – and you didn’t have to buy any special pill or even spend hours a day working towards them?

It turns out it’s all possible, and Wim can prove it to you, too. 

Now, you can hear him describe more about his method in the London Real episode here – I encourage you to watch it so you can hear the exact information from Wim himself. 

But in the meantime, I’ll give you one exercise you can try right now no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing. 

This simple technique can take your stress and melt it away. Whatever’s going on in your life will instantly feel more manageable after you do this. 

Here goes. 

Sit comfortably in your chair. Relax for a moment and focus on your breath. 

Next, inhale fully. It doesn’t matter if you’re breathing in through your nose or your mouth – you just need to breathe in fully and feel your lungs expand. 

Then breathe out fully. 

Repeat this no less than 30 times. 30 breaths fully in and fully out.

Don’t get distracted, and don’t let your mind wander – you’ll quit after 5 or 6 breaths if you do. 

You may feel tingly, but that’s ok, keep going.

Make it to 30. Then, after you’ve exhaled the last breath, stop. Do not breathe in – hold your breath. 

It’s best if you can do this with a timer handy. After a minute or more, you may breath in again. 

Breathe in fully and hold that breath for 5 to 10 seconds. 

Once you’re done, notice how different you feel. This exercise, in essence, resets your brain entirely. 

Whatever you may have felt tense about before suddenly seems much more manageable. 

And like I said, you can do this any time, any where. 

Give it a shot, and then maybe look into Wim’s other techniques. If you can change your health and happiness with exercises like these, isn’t it completely worth it? 

This costs you nothing but a little time, and in the long run, it can change everything, so give it a go. 


Brian Rose

Brian Rose
Editor, Brian Rose Uncensored

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