Part 3: How To [Financially] Survive The Coronavirus

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We hear people say, “The next generation of Americans will not  do as well as previous generations.” 

One reason that may be true is that our schools are not preparing them for the real world, the world of the future.

Rich dad said that one of the problems with school is that kids are taught to live in a world of binary “right” or “wrong.” That is not realistic and it is not intelligent. In real life, there is often more than one answer or solution to questions or problems.

In school, there is only one right answer. As teachers grade tests they are looking for the right answers. In school, you are intelligent if your right answers agree with your teacher’s right answers. If your answers agree with the teacher’s answers, you are an “A” student.

The idea of only one right answer is the foundation of academic education. In real life, there is more than one right answer. 

This is why one man was poor and the other rich.

What Is Intelligence?

Intelligence has many definitions and many meanings. Intelligence, for the purposes of this section, is simply the ability to get out of the trap of a right-or-wrong world that our schools promote and look at the world of money from as many sides, as many perspectives, as possible.

As Abraham Maslow described in his “Hierarchy of Needs,” the fifth level, the highest level of human existence, is the level of Self-Actualization. Self-Actualization is the level at which a person is able to face the world with a “lack of prejudice” and “acceptance of facts.” One such fact might be: There is more than one right answer.

Attaining Self-Actualization also means that a person is generous, giving back rather than being a taker. As I’ve stated, I believe that the reason so many people are greedy is that schools do not prepare people for Maslow’s level two, Safety. When people live in fear, when they do not feel safe, it is human nature to become a taker instead of a giver.

The lesson is: “If your mind is open to opposing ideas, your intelligence will go up. If your mind is closed to opposing ideas, your ignorance is in control.” Intelligence or ignorance? Your ability to keep an open mind and appreciate multiple points of view is a conscious choice. 

Financial Transformation

Financial metamorphosis is a new term at Rich Dad. We talk a lot about education and financial education, but the magnitude of the coming economic collapse due to coronavirus has convinced me that education is not enough to thrive on the other side of this crisis. Now, I’m talking about more than education. I’m talking about transformation.

The definition of metamorphosis is a transformation from an immature form to an adult mature form. Today, you need financial metamorphosis. You need to move from an immature person when it comes to your mindset about money and become a mature person. You need to stop listening to the old advice about money because again that advice is now dead… coronavirus killed it.

Just as we study to learn a job, I suggest you study to learn to diversify and operate in more than one quadrant. The average rich person earns 70 percent from the right side and less than 30 percent from the left side of the CASHFLOW Quadrant. I’ve found that no matter how much money people make, they will feel more secure if they operate in more than one quadrant.

What does this look like?

There are still three key things you can do… 

1. How You Think 

Are you letting all of the negative news out there squash your dreams? It’s time to take control of your thoughts and be positive. There are too many people out there who started with nothing and became financially-free.

If you are stuck in the doldrums, thinking “Why Me?” or wishing you had married rich… Snap Out Of It! Think positive. Negative thinking will get you nowhere. It’s time to aspire to something better.

2. How You Act

Have you been sitting around watching television and complaining to friends and family about your situation? Instead, why not do something about it? Get the financial education you need to make your dreams a reality. Read books, take classes, conduct online research at the library… You have complete control of your actions so start taking them!

The information you need to transform your life is out there. But it’s up to you to do the work and take action on what you learn in order to make positive change happen. No one is going to do it for you.

3. Who You Hang Around With

Are you constantly hearing negative comments from the people around you about the economy, unemployment, the virus, etc.? If so, it’s time to hang out with a different crowd!

Find successful, smart people and learn from them. If you surround yourself with positive people who are working towards their goals, it will help you get the support and positive mindset you need to succeed.

Choose Your Path

There are different financial paths people can choose. Unfortunately, most people choose the path of job security. Many people will struggle financially simply because their emotions run their lives. Rather than face their financial fears, they hide from them. Many employees in the E quadrant hide under the blanket of a steady paycheck and job security. The self-employed in the S quadrant hide behind the veil of rugged individualism, the need to be the smartest and the best.

When the economy starts wobbling, they cling ever more desperately to job security and wind up spending their lives pursuing it. At a minimum, I recommend becoming educated in financial security, which is feeling confident about your job and feeling confident about your ability to invest in good and bad times. Ideally, however, focus your education on financial freedom—read and study, take classes, attend seminars, and find a good coach (and know how to spot bad ones)—and take control of your financial destiny.


Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki
Editor, Rich Dad Poor Dad Daily

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