How I Called the Best Morning Panic So Far This Year

Dear Penny Stock Millionaire,

I want to show you the power of the morning panic pattern. This week I called the best morning panic of 2020 so far — in the midst of absolute market insanity.

First, you must understand that studying the past is crucial to learning patterns like the morning panic.

The last month has been market madness — and my students report absolutely crushing it every day.

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But while most traders were distracted by oil stocks, the best play of the day was on one of the hottest OTC stocks of 2020. But before I get to that…

I want to show you the power of my favorite pattern…

The Morning Panic Pattern 

I’m primarily a long-biased trader. I don’t like going short. I think it’s an overcrowded niche and the risk/reward is terrible.

Long-biased trading can offer better opportunities … if you know what to look for.

Every morning, newbies fire up their scanners and chase the largest percent gainer of the day. Chasing stocks up 50%–100% isn’t a strategy — that’s gambling. Instead…

Wait for panic. What does panic look like? Here’s a classic example from last year…

EDXC Chart

After a multi-week run from 30 cents to 75 cents, CBD Unlimited, Inc. (OTCPK: EDXC) gapped down on April 23, 2019, and started tanking. In the first hour of the day, it pulled from the low $0.70s all the way to $0.314 — a drop of over 50%.

That’s panic. 

Any long traders who held from the previous day were stuck in their positions and couldn’t sell their shares. As more traders tried to sell, the stock continued lower … and lower.

It’s extremely difficult to sell shares during a drop like this so people start panicking — hence the morning panic pattern. Before I show you the best morning panic this year…

What You Need to Know About the Morning Panic Pattern

Here are a few critical elements of the morning panic pattern:

  1. First, the stock must be up a lot — at least 50%. The higher the stock runs, the bigger the panic. I don’t want to try to dip buy a stock that’s only up 20% over a few days. There’s not enough meat on the bone. Wait until they’re extended.
  2. Don’t randomly buy a stock that’s down huge in the morning. Companies have bad news all the time. I want a stock that’s a recent runner, not a company with a negative catalyst.
  3. Don’t rush into the panic. Stocks can panic much further than you think. I’ve seen stocks drop over 90% in a day. Wait until the stock begins to test support levels and buyers step in on level 2.
  4. Cut losses quickly — it’s my #1 rule for a reason. It’s difficult to nail the bottom of panic, so sometimes I enter too early. If that happens, cut the loss and try again. Holding the loss further into the panic could result in a huge loss.

Alright, it’s time. Here’s the stock I perfectly called the morning panic on…

Decision Diagnostics Corp. (OTCPK: DECN)

When stocks go supernova, I start watching them for morning panics.

Here’s my plan on DECN for April 23:

“DECN should be the best potential panic and bounce if it can drop hard and quick enough over the inevitable disappointment of their update regarding test kits.”

How did I know it would happen on April 23?

Take a look at the daily chart:

DECN Chart

DECN ran from a penny in February to a high of nearly 50 cents on April 23. The stock was up 50 times in less than two months. That’s overextension.

Since the stock was up 5,000%, it was long overdue for a pullback. But what gave me the conviction on April 23 specifically was its looming test kit update. The company scheduled the update to release midday.

I was slightly disappointed DECN didn’t panic out of the gate, but I kept watching it. I was waiting for the update to hit the news wire because I thought this could be a classic “buy the rumor, sell the news” situation.

Within ten minutes of the update, the stock panicked over 50%.

I saw some buyers stepping in at 22 cents. I tried buying 25,000 shares but ended up filling 75,000 shares at $0.225 because I put in multiple orders. I didn’t want to miss this incredible opportunity.

I’m usually too conservative with my trades. I alerted to my students that I was only looking for a quick 15%–30% bounce. The bounce came quick and I locked in all my shares at a $0.267 average…

DECN bounced all the way to 36 cents before flattening out for the rest of the day. What an opportunity.

What’s Next For DECN 

A week after my trade, there was news that DECN has been suspended from trading by the SEC.

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Remember, most of these stocks are garbage. Never believe the news these companies are pumping out, especially if it’s about the coronavirus pandemic.

Penny stocks are penny stocks for a reason. If DECN really had the testing kits it claimed it did, it wouldn’t be trading on the OTC market. It was a great trading vehicle but never should have been a long-term investment.

I sincerely hope none of you are stuck in this halt. It will open much lower … probably on the grey sheets.


The morning panic pattern is a classic that I’ve used for years.

I think it’s a great place for new traders to start because it can offer huge percent opportunities. DECN bounced 50% in fifteen minutes. You won’t find that anywhere besides penny stocks.

The pattern is simple and predictable. Most importantly, it’s repeatable.

Talk with you tomorrow,

Tim Sykes
Editor, Penny Stock Millionaires

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