How to Grow a Small Account in This Crazy Market Now

Dear Penny Stock Millionaire,

Wanna know how to grow a small trading account? Let me tell you this…

It’s not a coincidence. It’s not luck.

It’s strategy. 

Everything’s coming together nicely at once, and smart traders who understand this market volatility report crushing it …

In the current market, low-priced runners aren’t just running 20%, 30%, 50% … In some cases, like with Lighting Science Group (OTCMKTS: LSCG), they’re running 1,000% or more!

I’ve been trading like a maniac.

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Many of my top students report killing it, too … in spite of the fact that the overall market’s down.

Wanna learn from this unprecedented market? Let’s look at some of the biggest spikers in recent memory.

Remember: these penny stocks move fast. By the time you’re reading this, there’s a chance these stocks could even be done. So why bother writing this post?

A few reasons.

First, because there are ALWAYS lessons you can learn … patterns repeat over and over.

For me right now, it’s all about morning panics and first green days. If you can master key patterns, you can learn to take advantage of them when they come along again.

Second, sometimes spikers come back. Former runners are more likely to run again. It happens all the time in the market right now…

How to Grow a Small Trading Account in this Crazy Market 

If you expect stocks to perform like they would in a normal bull market, you’ll be disappointed BIG TIME.

It’s all about adapting.

Understand the Market

There are also SO many amazing tools at your disposal right now, like StocksToTrade’s new Breaking News chat feature or social media tool…

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Examples of Stocks in Motion RIGHT NOW 

Looking for evidence that penny stocks can grow your account fast? Look no further. These are just a few of the MANY insane spikers right now…

Clickstream Corp (OTCMKTS: CLIS)

This stock has gone CRAZY. Last week, it had a news announcement that it signed a deal with former NFL star Brian Baldinger to host a program on the company’s app and platform…

The stock went insane, climbing from 4 cents to 20 cents … Five times your money in one day.

It hasn’t stopped. As of this writing, it’s up to 27 cents.

You can trade with a small account. By starting small and scaling up over time, you can learn to master the patterns. That’s a smart way to work toward consistency.

Check out the CLIS chart:


CLIS 5-day chart — courtesy of

Genius Brands International Inc. (NASDAQ: GNUS)

Here’s a play that made me over $5K over the course of a few trades.

Here, you had a stock that was up based on a real catalyst — a shareholder letter. I found that out thanks to the new Breaking News tool on StocksToTrade…

Not long after, it hit new 52-week highs … Check out the chart:


GNUS 10-day chart — courtesy of

Lighting Science Group Common Stock (OTCMKTS: LSCG)

After LSCG was featured on Fox News a few days ago about a new method of UV light cleaning, the stock went up from about 8 cents to about a dollar — in about an hour.

You just don’t see large-cap stocks like Google do that.

The spike was VERY short-lived, but this just goes to show how fast things can move in the penny stock world … It’s also a good lesson in why you need to be prepared for spikes like this.

Check out the chart to see the crazy action:


LSCG 1-day chart — courtesy of

Remark Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: MARK)

This stock was up on a potential contract … But when a stock like this starts going up many times over and the contract still hasn’t been announced, it’s cause for concern.

Pumpers and short squeezes are some of the biggest things driving up stock prices right now … You need to know that. I usually find them through the STT social media tool … These pumps all come in at the same time.

Check out the insane movement over the past week and a half or so:


MARK 10-day chart — courtesy of

MicroVision Inc. (NASDAQ: MVIS)

At the end of April going into May, this stock was trading for about 25 cents … Then in early May, it spiked all the way up to $1.82.

I love catching recent runners. So when the STT Breaking News tool alerted that there was a video released that hinted at a relationship with Microsoft, I thought a spike could come fast.

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Here’s a 15-day chart. You can see how this stock went from snoozing at the beginning of the month through two key spikes and many small ones in between…


MicroVision 15-day chart — courtesy of


This ticker went from about 20 cents to 80 cents in a matter of days…

Check out these beautiful spikes:


NMHLY 10-day chart — courtesy of

Champignon Brands (OTCQB: SHRMF)

About a week ago, this ticker was trading for about 70 cents, and it spiked all the way to the $1.50s.

Check out the action:


SHRMF 2-day chart — courtesy of

Simlatus Corp. (OTCPK: SIML)

I normally stay away from sub-penny plays. But the fact that so many low-priced runners have been exploding lately — plus the fact that it was breaking new day highs — drew me in.

The two-day chart shows how crazy this stock got and how fast it happened:


Simlatus Corp. 2-day chart — courtesy of


At the beginning of May, this stock was nothing. Then on May 5, it started running. The company announced a merger with a Chinese healthcare group in February … Right now, even a whiff of a connection to coronavirus can move stocks, even with a delayed reaction.

It went from about 8 cents to 17 cents in a day … Then it went to about 30 cents the next day.

Check out its performance from April to May:


SPOM 1-month chart — courtesy of

Here’s a close-up of the most recent action:


SPOM 2-day chart — courtesy of

Touchpoint Group Holdings Inc (OTCQB: TGHI)

Touchpoint is a digital media and tech company. In early April, it announced a deal with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons to stream his yoga classes. The stock spiked but didn’t hold its gains.

Then this SEC filing on April 30 made TGHI a big percent gainer on May 1. The filing announced a licensing agreement with Royal Personal Training. As so often happens with low-priced stocks, there was informational inefficiency. The market took an entire day to react.

Take a look at the TGHI three-month chart:


TGHI chart: 3-month, daily candle — courtesy of

As you can see, TGHI went from one cent up to 18 cents on May 1. It finished at roughly 12 cents per share. The next day, it went all the way up to 21 cents.

Check out the TGHI 12-day chart:


TGHI chart: 12-day, 1-minute candle — courtesy of

The point is…

In this hot market, when a stock can grow from one cent to 21 cents in two days, that is something you should focus on…

Let’s look at another play…

TOMI Environmental Solutions (OTCQB: TOMZ)

TOMZ first hit my watchlist back on February 5. It was an early spiker on news about its SteraMist disinfectant product. On February 4, TOMI announced registration with China’s CDC. On February 27, the company announced several countries were using SteraMist.

Before I review my recent TOMZ trade, here’s the six-month chart:


TOMZ chart: 6-month chart, daily candle, spiker — courtesy of

Take a look at the TOMZ chart from May 18:


TOMZ chart: May 18 intraday, 1-minute candle, earnings winner — courtesy of

Let’s take a look at another low-priced spiker…

AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. (AMEX: UAVS)

I’ve written about UAVS a few times recently. The stock could’ve helped you grow a small trading account considerably. But it was a ‘buy the rumor, sell the news’ play. It caught a lot of traders on the wrong side of the move.

First, take a look at the UAVS three-month chart:


UAVS chart: 3-month, daily candle, drone play — courtesy of

That big red candle in the chart above was when the actual news hit. It was a conference call — and it was a joke. The awesome thing is, you had two days to play the front side of this spike.

Anyone who understands the concept of ‘buy the rumor, sell the news’ could’ve played the backside as well.

Check out this chart from April 21 to May 1…


UAVS chart: April 21 to May 1, 1-minute candle, buy the rumor, sell the news — courtesy of

On April 27, the drone company announced a partnership to deliver medicine to the elderly. That was my buy on the chart above. But the stock didn’t really spike until a few days later.

The bottom line … UAVS went from 88 cents to over $5 per share. So, more than five times your money. That’s how to grow a small trading account…

Lessons to Take From These Plays 

It can be challenging to start with a small account … But with the right education and intelligent trades, it’s possible to build a small account right now.

This isn’t to say you should EVER just buy any random penny stock. If it has a first day runup with news like SPOM, you don’t need to be afraid to buy a stock that’s already up. It’s possible to get in without being first.

It’s a great market for speculative, even crappy little stocks. It’s a hot market for low-priced stocks…

Talk with you tomorrow,

Tim Sykes
Editor, Penny Stock Millionaires

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