Ups And Downs All Around!

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Women Hit Hardest By Pandemic Job Loss

There is a lot of conflicting news circulating about the job market. Some data shows the labor market is slack, while other data suggests it's tight. Meanwhile, consumer spending is increasing as more people are getting the Covid-19 vaccine and easing back into “normal” life. Many economists expect economic activity to ramp up faster than payrolls, which could potentially cause bottlenecks and wage pressure. Today, we will explore why economists are anticipating this trend and what is actually going on with the labor market.

Jon Najarian

Jon Najarian is a legendary options trader, hall of famer, and TV celebrity. Many know him as a best-selling author and the host of CNBC’s Halftime Report.

Jon earned the nickname “DRJ” - Dr. J - from his time working on the hardknock Chicago trading floor of the 1980’s, where he competed against some of...

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