Jay Powell Speaks, Jobless Claims Hit, and a Big Announcement Coming!

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Simplest Way to Pay Yourself in Retirement

The reason why so many jackpot winners go broke is because their relationship with money before their windfall usually sucks. If you want to know how you would handle winning the lottery or even getting a raise – look at how you handle the money you have now. Lots of people think, “If only I made a bit more each month, everything would be better.” The truth is, generating more income won’t always solve your money problems. More often than not, this is what happens…

Jon Najarian

Jon Najarian is a legendary options trader, hall of famer, and TV celebrity. Many know him as a best-selling author and the host of CNBC’s Halftime Report.

Jon earned the nickname “DRJ” - Dr. J - from his time working on the hardknock Chicago trading floor of the 1980’s, where he competed against some of...

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