Millionaire Mentor Update: Expect Nothing

Dear Penny Stock Millionaire,

Expect nothing but prepare for anything.

I often say, “When it comes to penny stocks, expect the worst and you’ll never be disappointed.”

But it’s a little different when you focus on trading mindset. It’s you vs you. You have to learn, or decide, to expect nothing. No expectations.

Don’t expect a stock to do what you want. Don’t expect there to be trades. The market doesn’t care what you want or expect.

The key is that while you expect nothing, you have to prepare for anything. Then you have to accept whatever happens and adapt. Keep reading for more.

First, here are some important charity updates…

California Wildfires Burn 1.35 Million Acres

Beginning August 15, 14,000 lightning strikes sparked over 700 wildfires in California. With 1.35 million acres burned so far, the fires have burned an area bigger than the state of Delaware. Better weather the past few days has helped the situation. But there are still hundreds of uncontained wildfires.

Karmagawa’s goal is to raise $300,000. The money will help support firefighters, families, and animals affected by the fires. So far, we’ve raised $16,356. We have a long way to go.

I’ll be donating my trading profits from September and that last 10 days of August on top of our wildfire fundraiser. The rest of my August profits are going to Karmagawa’s Beirut and Mauritius fundraisers…

Beirut Explosion Victims Fundraiser Update

Videos of the major explosion in Beirut, Lebanon on August 4 were horrific. Karmagawa set up a fundraiser to help the victims and families affected by the tragedy. So far we’ve raised $365,196. Donate to help victims in Beirut, Lebanon here.

Mauritius Oil Spill Fundraiser Update

Mauritius relies heavily on tourism. The oil spilled from the MV Wakashio is devastating to the natural marine habitat. Karmagawa is donating 100% of funds raised to Eco-Sud, a local charity helping to clean up the lagoon. So far we’ve raised $109,147.

I’m trying to donate as much as I can. Between the fundraisers, my trading profits, and Karmagawa charity merch, we’ve raised $1.7 million in three months. That’s pretty cool.

Tim Sykes Tweet

How My Experience Can Speed Up Your Learning Curve

When you spend the day with me, you’ll see how much experience comes into play. I use different patterns and strategies. Everything I’ve learned over 20 years is important.

The nuances of trading take time and experience. There’s no shortcut. But when I trade during the Market Mastery sessions I tell you exactly what I’m thinking. That’s right: you get running commentary on my trades.

Student feedback has been phenomenal…

Why I Want You to Join Me for Market Mastery

To put it simply, you get a ton of trading education. I want you to become a self-sufficient trader. That doesn’t happen overnight.

Market Mastery is more than just 12 all-day trading sessions. I’ll also send you one high-conviction trade alert per month and several hours of video training.

After 12 months, you’ll have seen me trade not only for 12 days but likely three to five dozen trades. Note: I won’t EVER trade for the sake of trading. One of my rules is that sometimes the best trade is no trade. Still, over the course of the year, there WILL be plays. And plenty of them.

During the last Market Mastery session, we nailed a trade on Revive Therapeutics Ltd. (OTCPK: RVVTF). It was a nice 20% overnight winner the next day.

That kind of trade could pay for the cost of Market Mastery many times over. I can’t guarantee you’ll make any money whatsoever. But over the course of the year, you’ll see trades with the potential to cover the cost of Market Mastery 2020 and more.

Now it’s time for…

Trading Mentor: Questions From Students

Every week I answer a student question or two. I cut through the BS in this industry full of fakes.

Our focus this week is on the idea that you should expect nothing. I often say, expect the worst and you’ll never be disappointed. That applies to the companies, promoters, and the rest of this shady industry. But you could take it one step further…

Expect nothing and accept everything. What do I mean by that?

Check it out…

“On August 25, you had four wins and three losses, but you still made $5,900. Are your losses still examples of trading like a sniper?”

There is the idea of ‘aim small, miss small.’ So you could look at it that way. With every trade, I’m trying to trade like a sniper. The four losses totaled $1,060. Each of the three wins was more than that. One trade I made $4,350.

Watch this video recapping my trades that day. Also, pay close attention to what I say about Jack Kellogg and Kyle Williams because it’s super important.

How I Cut Losses To Protect, Protect, Protect

The important thing is that I expect nothing. Yes, I want the trade to go my way, but when it doesn’t, I follow rule #1: cut losses quickly.

On that day, I was a little stubborn trying to dip buy the same stock twice. Both times there was no bounce. I probably could’ve done better, but it happens. Again, I expect nothing. That keeps me safe and ready to move on if a trade goes against me.

Which brings me to…

Trading Mindset Lesson of the Week: Expect Nothing

Pay attention — trading mindset is crucial if you plan to stay in the game long term. A lot of traders took August off. Others are asking questions like “When is it gonna slow down?” or “How many trades should I expect?”

Expect nothing. Have NO expectations.

When it comes to penny stocks, expect the worst out of every company. When it comes to trades… expect nothing. Don’t expect to win. Don’t even expect there to be a trade. Be happy when there are no trades because that gives you more time to study and catch up.

Most people aren’t even aware of the patterns.

For example, they don’t know why Jack Kellogg woke up at 7 a.m. on August 25 to reserve shares of LCDX early. Why did he do it? He was prepared. Preparation is key.

If you expect nothing and you’re prepared for anything, trading is a beautiful game. But the unprepared either make nothing or lose. Which is why 90% of traders lose.

Millionaire Mentor Market Wrap

As we head into September, focus on preparation and expect nothing from the market. When there aren’t any trades, study. It’s not rocket science, but you MUST put in the time.

Expect nothing, prepare for anything, and put in the time. Stubborn students don’t believe me. They expect the market to bend to their will. It won’t.

Once you’ve studied enough, you’ll be prepared for anything. When you’ve gained enough experience, you’ll expect nothing. THAT is when things will start to click.

Are you willing to expect nothing but prepare for anything? 

Talk to you tomorrow,

Tim Sykes
Editor, Penny Stock Millionaires

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