Strategic Intelligence September Portfolio Update

Despite the widespread belief that easy Fed policies and high stock prices have made everything better, we are still in a very risky environment for many financial assets. The Fed has shown that it can quickly flood financial markets with liquidity. But it can’t create jobs or recapitalize overly indebted businesses. We expect to see high market volatility heading into November elections, and probably well beyond election day. Dan gives a review of all the open positions currently in our portfolio, including some previous buys moved to holds.

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Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence

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Frank DeVechio

Frank is the managing editor for Jim Rickards’ Project Prophesy, Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence, Jim Rickards' Crash Speculator, Jim Rickards’ Unrestricted Clearance, Nomi Prins’ Dark Money Millionaires and Nomi Prins' 25 Cent Trader.

He attended East Carolina University in North Carolina where he studied finance and economics. Frank has also written copy for Paradigm Press...

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