Why Your Trading Chat Room Is Key

Dear Penny Stock Millionaire,

Your trading chat room is key … The right chat room can help you learn to trade smarter.

There’s no denying the coronavirus pandemic is scary. But it’s also creating massive opportunities in penny stocks.

I’ll break this all down in more detail in a bit. First, let me say…

Learn From This Coronavirus Sector Run

The uncertainty and fear around the coronavirus pandemic have created a level of opportunity I haven’t seen in several years.

The sector momentum of coronavirus plays has lasted far longer than people expected. The closest comparison, in recent memory, is the bitcoin run in 2017.

Several of my top students capitalized on that crazy run … but plenty missed it. They weren’t prepared.

If you’re new, you may not nail your first sector run. Most of my top students missed the first few sector runs they encountered. Don’t be discouraged. Study the charts and learn from them. There will always be another hot sector. 

Use this opportunity to learn…

How to Find and Trade Hot Sector Stocks

At the beginning of 2020, I thought biotech stocks would be explosive. Many were beaten down from years of neglect and disappointing drug results.

I’ll be honest … I didn’t think they’d be this HOT. And nobody could have predicted a worldwide pandemic.

I tend to underestimate the spikeabilty of stocks. I like to take a conservative approach and lock in small, predictable gains. But many of my students are more aggressive and report making more money than me the past several weeks.*

My top student, Tim Grittani, recently passed $10 million in total trading profits. That’s nearly double what I’ve made trading the last 20 years. His dedication and generosity to the community is a gift.

More Than a Chat Room

Get in the right trading chat room. It’s not just traders sharing hot stocks or talking smack. My chat rooms are communities. They’re about traders supporting traders — answering questions, celebrating wins, commiserating over losses, and sharing key tools. Just make sure you follow the rules when you get there.

Here’s an example of how great this community can be…

Lately my students are finding 100%+ runners because of coronavirus press releases. These press releases can be hard to spot if you don’t use the right tools. On March 16, in the wake of the coronavirus market crash, one of my students found a BIG winner in the market, NBDR.

So how did schultzy spot the NBDR spike?

By using StocksToTrade’s news scanner. The company released coronavirus news, which caused the stock to spike 367%.

When’s the last time you saw a large-cap, ‘real’ company spike that much in a day? I never have. Wall Street loves to scoff at these plays. Let ‘em ignore these opportunities. My students and I will keep nailing them.

Because we use the chat rooms to share the key tools that help us find these big runners…

That’s how you can learn to make money in penny stocks in ANY market. While the big traders on Wall Street are panicking because of the historic decline, penny stocks are on fire.

But you gotta be careful and watch for…

Coronavirus Stocks With News 

I have to give props for the hot stock pick on NBDR.

I would’ve missed this play if it wasn’t for my student schultzy (I hope you’re reading this!). Now, schultzy isn’t one of my top students … But you don’t need to be to take advantage of these plays.

I understand it’s difficult for everyone to be that dedicated. People have other commitments that can make it difficult to dedicate time every day to study. Ask yourself how bad you want it … What are you willing to sacrifice?

Sykes tweet

Back to NBDR. Like I said before, I made a little over $1,000 on the play with a small position. It’s crazy how fast these stocks can spike. Within minutes I was up over 100% on my money. I bought NBDR in the $0.02s and sold into the $0.05s.


NBDR chart: 10-day, 5-minute candle — courtesy of StocksToTrade.com

Why I Love My Trading Chat Room

My student schultzy reports being up $772 — but he’s a dedicated student. We don’t discriminate based on profits in my chat rooms.

I wish I’d seen the message before I closed the webinar so people could see me trade NBDR live. Watching people trade live is one of the best ways to learn. That’s why being in the Challenge is so important to your trading education.

When I first saw the message I thought…

… NBDR? I’ve never heard of this stock… 

Then I pulled the stock up on StocksToTrade. StocksToTrade has awesome news and SEC filters to help traders find the most relevant news. Sure enough … six minutes earlier, NBDR released news about an at-home coronavirus test.

I took a smaller position than I normally would’ve on this trade. I don’t like chasing stocks and I was about six minutes late seeing the news. But the sector is red hot so I thought it was worth the risk.

Wall Street mocks these types of trades. I made a little over $1,000 on it. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take that trade any day. Small gains add up over time.

The best part? Anyone can take this trade if they’re prepared. And those who really understand the past know that…

Coronavirus Stocks Aren’t One-Day Wonders

NBDR has been on my radar every day since the company’s first coronavirus press release. As long as this sector stays hot, I’ll keep my eye on any stock with coronavirus news. To date, I’ve taken three additional trades on NBDR.

Stocks in a hot market aren’t one-day wonders. 

People thought NBDR was done once it faded off for a few days with no additional news. I kept the stock on my watchlist and waited for the company to release more news. I’d never buy a stock anticipating the news. I wait until the news is released and the stock starts spiking.

How many times have you seen a company release news only for the stock to dump?

It happens all the time. It’s called “buying the rumor, selling the news.” Too many people fail to understand this basic pattern…

My patience paid with NBDR. The three additional trades added $1,577 to my profits and NBDR isn’t done yet…


NBDR chart: 1-month, daily candle — courtesy of StocksToTrade.com

Again, the first trade I picked up from a student in the chat room, but the following three were a result of my preparation.

Wall Street’s Wrong About Penny Stocks 

Let Wall Street and the big funds laugh about making $1,000 on a trade. My students and I would love more 100%+ trades — especially when they take less than 10 minutes.

I remember one time I was sitting on a stage with big hedge fund managers and traders at a conference. I have a big mouth, so I end up on these stages a lot.

On that specific day of the conference, I made $350. I was satisfied. $350 a day won’t make you rich, but it’s enough money to make a difference in people’s lives. So there I was … on stage talking about my awesome $350 trade … and the other people on the stage started laughing.

They were making fun of me, thinking I only made $350,000 that day. That’s right, 350 THOUSAND. So I had to emphasize that I made just $350. These big Wall Street players were visibly shocked. Some were completely stunned.

These traders and investors will never understand. To them, penny stocks are a waste of their time. This gives us an advantage.

If Wall Street doesn’t want to touch penny stocks, there are fewer big traders playing these stocks. And if you’re one of my students, you can learn how to ride the momentum of these moves.


NBDR is only the latest example of a news-based play. The coronavirus sector is hot right now. There will be more plays — study up and get in my chat rooms.

I would’ve missed this opportunity if it wasn’t for my trading chat room and my student alerting the news. It’s a key lesson that you don’t have to be the fastest or first to a play. As a trader, you simply need to understand the patterns and know when it’s time to place a trade.

Not every news release is worthy of a trade. If you want to find the best plays, you have to be using smart tools like StocksToTrade.

Keep up the great work, everyone. 2020 is turning out to be an incredible year for the penny stock market. Please, stay safe and study up as we ride out this pandemic.

What are you doing to prepare for your next trade?

Enjoy your weekend,

Tim Sykes
Editor, Penny Stock Millionaires

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