Where To Find Recreation Equipment

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Yesterday we dove into an unexpected part of the economy that has seen a turn due to the pandemic.

The recreation sector has taken a huge hit as people seek ways to travel safely without having to use public transportation.

Equipment, like bikes, which were previously used solely for leisure are now becoming many people’s main form of transportation.

In fact, bikes have been flying off the shelves, and since last April, shop owners have been reporting they were completely out of stock. New inventory is nowhere to be found due to the closures of factories in Asia and an already low supply of bikes caused by recent tariffs.

RV rentals are also seeing spikes as families attempt to find ways to travel safely and because they can be used as isolation units.

The motorcycle industry has also seen its stocks trending due to increased demand.

All this popularity, however, has left many consumers frustrated by the lack of supply.

Today we will attempt to share some tips and tricks on where and how to get your hands on these hot commodities.

And, we show you what to do to keep yourself from falling into poverty in these uncertain times.

Read on…


Next to toilet paper and hand sanitizer, nothing has been flying off the shelves faster than bicycles.

At the beginning of the pandemic, sales of commuter and fitness bikes increased 66%, leisure bikes jumped 121%, children’s bikes went up 59% and electric bikes rose 85%.

Thankfully, some larger chains are slowly starting to increase their inventory. If you are set on buying a new bike the best places to look are large retail chains such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Target, or Walmart.

Inventory will likely vary based on location, but this is a good place to start.

If you’re finding that your local stores are striking out on this front, not to fear, there are other options.

One great thing to consider is having an older bike fixed up instead of buying a new one.

Because many smaller, local bike shops are now struggling due to the delays of new inventory, they have converted to doing more bike repairs to stay afloat.

If you have that old bike in the garage you bought six years ago and haven’t dusted off since, consider bringing it into your local bike shop for a tune-up.

This will likely save you hundreds of dollars and will help support a local business – a win-win!

Buying used bikes has also been extremely popular as a way to save money. Craigslist and eBay are the most popular sites for buying used items, but there are also more enthusiast communities like Pinkbike’s BuySell forum, Bicycle Blue Book, GearTrade and more.

If you are looking for something higher end, The Pro’s Closet is your best bet.


Millions of American families had their travel plans canceled due to coronavirus, and many are itching to get back on the road and explore.

With long-distance travel and overnight stays in hotels deemed too risky by many, RVs have been a perfect solution for getting the family travelling safely together.

With an RV, you can control your environment more easily and thus stay safer from the coronavirus.

One big thing to consider with RVs is whether to rent or buy. If you are a novice to RVs it’s highly recommended you rent, at least to start out. Especially if you already feel as if you’re being buried under debt.

(Debt have you down? You’re not alone. Despite working hard and doing everything right, millions of Americans are struggling right now. Click here to learn how to prepare – and even grow – your wealth during the coming months.)

If you choose to rent instead of buy, there are many RV rental companies to choose from, but two stand out, especially if you are a first-time renter: Cruise America and RVshare.

Cruise America offers options to both rent and buy RVs in a variety of shapes and sizes. They specialize in the basics of RVs to keep prices down. Their rental fee also includes insurance and third-party liability.

This option is great if you are looking for something simple and cheap that can fit a family of any size.

RVshare is more like the Airbnb of RV rentals, a peer-to-peer company that allows customers to rent RVs directly from owners. Insurance and 24-hour roadside assistance are offered with every rental.


Motorcycles, like bikes, have also seen an increase in popularity due to the coronavirus. Concerns surrounding the safety of public transportation have pushed many to consider getting their own motorcycle for travel purposes.

Motorcycles, however, come with a heftier price tag than your average bike, so it’s important to do your research on renting versus buying a motorcycle.

Renting a motorcycle comes with several advantages. When you rent a motorcycle owned by a dealership you’ll be able to test drive multiple bikes instead of having to settle for just one.

You’ll also likely gain more knowledge through renting than through buying because motorcycle rental agencies typically only employ experienced riders, so they’ll be able to answer questions about the bike you plan to rent, in addition to providing insight about riding in general.

For beginners, renting is also the best option, as it allows you to take rides when you feel comfortable without making a full financial and time commitment to owning a bike.

When it comes to renting, there are multiple options for getting your perfect bike. You can always rent through big dealerships such as Harley-Davidson or Indian, which have tons of options and dedicated staff to help you pick the right bike.

There are also options such as Riders Share that allow you to rent a motorcycle directly from its owner — like the Airbnb of motorcycles. This is a safe and affordable option if you are looking for a motorcycle for a specific trip, rather than one to use every day.

So whether you need a bike to get around every day, an RV to finally take that family trip you had planned back in April, or a motorcycle to up your commuting game, we hope this provided some clarity on finding the right equipment and the best deal!

To a richer life,

The Rich Life Roadmap Team

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