Tech Sector Gets Taken to the Woodshed

Folks, welcome back to the Rude Awakening for Tuesday, November the 10, 2020.

What absolutely CRAZY last couple of days that we have had in the marketplace.

We’ve been vacillating between massive buy signals and massive sell signals.

Such an interesting trend right now… let’s dive in.

Back to Sell Signals

We are back once again to a sell signal in the marketplace. The candle from yesterday is the tell—this is what I want to talk about here today more than anything.

You’ll see in the video that overnight, on Sunday evening going into Monday morning’s trading session, we were rising, rising, rising, rising. This was all off of the clarity that we got from the presidential election. And remember: really all the market looks for really is clarity. They hate the unknown. They love the known. Whether the known as good, bad, or indifferent, they don’t like uncertainties.

And so we were rising into that trend, perhaps leveling off, and then BOOM, we get that announcement that we have a vaccine…

Note: It Wasn’t JUST the Vaccine

It wasn’t just the vaccine, guys.

There are three vaccines from three separate pharmaceutical companies right now in phase three clinical trials with the FDA.

We know that we’re going to get a vaccine.

What was telling here was the efficacy rate of that vaccine.

We were hoping and anticipating that we were going to get a vaccine with a 50 to 65% efficacy rate.

This particular one that came out with Pfizer? 90% efficacy!!!

That absolutely exploded the market to the upside.

This absolutely just ripped the face off of this marketplace, giving us massive buy signals across the top.

And this put us quickly at not just daily highs, not just intraday highs, not just monthly highs, but ALL TIME HIGHS in the marketplace.

So once again, we are back to all time highs in the marketplace.

There is a trigger point (a flash point as they call it), in the marketplace where we generally get a big wave of selling. And that is when something conspires in the marketplace so that everybody essentially in the marketplace is sitting on profits.

Theoretically, if you’re buying stocks, buying the marketplace, there’s probably no better time to say that everybody across the board cumulatively is sitting on profits than when we are at all time highs.

And boy, did we have a reversal off of that.

The sell orders started flowing in. By the end of the day yesterday, we were back to where we started. We are now headed back down lower, even from that standpoint.

So we have very quickly gone from this massive upturn to, once again, sell singles coming into this marketplace.

The big issue here is not necessarily the sell order.

The big issue is the sector rotation that we’re starting to see in this marketplace.

So, this is the story of the day.

Just a few months ago, it was the same sectors that were killing it across the board. The big stalwart has always been the materials, the builders, real estate, and then, of course, technology. Technology was killing it.

Well, today that has all reversed.

MASSIVE Sector Rotation

We’ve got big sector rotation taking place now. Technology is getting taken out to the woodshed and it is energy now that is starting to pick that up!

Guys, money rarely leaves the market in massive quantities. It just shifts locations. And every once in a while, we have this internal rotation where whatever the Dow Jones industrial average is doing, whatever the S&P 500 is doing, etc. is not necessarily reflective of what’s happening internally in the stock market…

Right now, we are seeing this major rotation: the stay at home stocks are absolutely getting slaughtered…

Peloton (PTON), which has been a darling of this stay at home environment, is getting killed today to the downside.

Wayfair (W), another stay at home stock, getting killed as well.

The granddaddy all of them that is emblematic of this stay at home lockdown scenario was Zoom, the video conference seam company. And they’re getting absolutely slaughtered as well!

Our other highlight for the day, bearish trades on the downside…

Amazon (AMZN) is getting hit with a couple of big things. Number one, they’re in the tech sector which is getting hammered. Number two, they’re getting hit with antitrust violation issues and EU fines as well. That is pushing this stalwart company to the downside as well.

So, we are finding more and more bearish plays in this marketplace today as this trend starts to reverse.

Watch for those downside moves.

Again, the stay at home stocks are what we’re looking at for bearish trending opportunities. AMZN, W, ZM, PTON, these are the opportunities that we’re finding today in the marketplace.

Be safe out there as you trade, folks.

We’ll be back with you tomorrow for some other insights into the trading desk.


Scott Stewart

Scott Stewart
Editor, Rude Awakening

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