Online Holiday Shopping Tips That’ll Save You Big $

Dear Rich Lifer,

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we love to save money.

Finding that perfect coupon or taking advantage of a flash sale can be counted as a victory for shoppers everywhere!

Since COVID-19, the desire to save has just been amplified. 

We saw a huge shift to online shopping due to coronavirus. People are now buying in bulk to reduce trips to the stores, and buying online to limit exposure to strangers.

Although we have seen cities around the world slowly open back up with social distancing requirements in place, many are still hesitant to head back into stores. 

Additionally, we are seeing coronavirus cases surge around the nation. With the threat of another round of lockdowns looming, we thought that today we could focus on how to make the most of the online shopping experience.

With the Thanksgiving and winter holidays fast approaching, now more than ever is a time people are stocking up on gifts and groceries galore! 

So read on if you could benefit from some helpful online shopping tips that will save you time and money, while keeping you safe at home this holiday season.

Patience Is A Virtue 

We’ve all been there. We are browsing our favorite retail shop online, and find the perfect sweater. Our impetus is to add the item to our virtual cart and proceed to checkout.

Here is where we hazard you to have some patience. 

If you can bear to leave that sweater in your cart for a few days, you will most likely reap the benefit.

More often than not, the retailer can see that item sitting in your cart. They want you to buy it and will usually send you a follow up email. Something along the lines of, “Hey, it looks like you left something in your cart!” 

Usually this email will include a promo code or some sort of discount to encourage you to complete your purchase. 

Now you can have your sweater and save money…a win-win!

Further, in an effort to keep customers shopping, many packages will arrive with additional coupons in the box. So if you know you want that new boot in every color, just buy one first and wait for the arriving coupon to purchase the rest of the boots! 

With these types of coupons or discount codes, make sure you are using them strategically. 

If the website allows you to combine different coupons and promo codes at the checkout, use them in the right order. 

If, for example, you have a promo code for a 20% discount and a coupon for $10, apply the 20% promo code first. That will subtract 20% from the full price, then you can dig more savings with your $10 discount coupon.

Having patience when shopping can also mean buying certain items on certain days. Instead of spending a lazy Sunday online shopping, wait till Wednesdays, Thursdays or  Friday, when most stores roll out discounts or deals. 

When it comes to airfare, Sunday is the best day to score cheap airline tickets whereas Monday is the most expensive, according to Airlines Reporting Corporation who analyzed over 130 million domestic and international over the period of 19 months.

Outwit Dynamic Pricing 

Dynamic pricing is a sneaky trick many companies use to show different prices to different customers depending on your location, your browsing and spending patterns, and current demand of the product.

Have you ever found yourself looking at a cheap flight, then wait a few days to solidify your plan, and when you check back the flight is way more expensive?

That’s the work of dynamic pricing. But don’t worry there are ways to outsmart this beast.

To get a less biased price you should:

  • clear your browsing history and cookies in particular
  • log out of your accounts (email, G+, Facebook etc)
  • switch to incognito mode or better take advantage of online anonymous browsing with Tor browser
  • choose localized website versions instead of being redirected to US
  • choose less developed countries as home to get better prices when searching for airfare

These tips can help you get fairer prices on that flight home for the holiday’s. Just remember to pack your mask! 

Take Advantage Of Money Saving Apps 

There are endless apps that can help you save money when it comes to online shopping. 

Here are a few that can help you save big:


  • Swagbucks


This money-saving app gives you cash just for searching! It includes a custom search engine that gives you points for searching, taking online surveys and shopping at partner stores. Those points quickly add up to free gift cards for stores like Amazon or cash back in your PayPal account.


  • Honey


This browser plugin for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera browsers that helps you save money by automatically applying coupon codes at the checkout stage of online shopping. 


  • Camel Camel Camel 


If you love Amazon you need this app, which works as a price tracking tool specifically for Amazon. Through the website or browser extension, users get access to charts and details of price history for virtually every product listed for sale on Amazon. This way you can follow pricing trends to get the best deals!


  • Rakuten 


This is one of the most popular shopping portals on the Web and offers up to 40% cash back on purchases at more than 2,500 partner stores. 


  • Ibotta 


This is the digital version of clipping coupons for your weekly trip to the grocery store. The app works by letting you upload a photo of your receipt and then giving you a rebate to your account helping you continue to save money. 

These are just a few of the many incredible resources that have been developed to help online shoppers get the best deals and put cash back in their wallets.

We hope these tips will help you become the savviest shopper, not just this holiday season or during coronavirus, but for the rest of your life!

To a Richer Life,

The Rich Life Roadmap Team 

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