How Personal Development Leads to Freedom

Dear Penny Stock Millionaire,

Is getting rich the gateway to personal development and growth?

People love saying it’s ‘not about the money’ … I disagree.

Think about Roland Wolf, who started trading with $4K and just crossed the million-dollar mark. He’s one of the students who made it into this recent New York Post article about my teaching.

Roland was motivated by creating a better life for his wife and children, and money helped him do that.

Then there’s Jack Kellogg, my student in his early 20s who used to be a valet. He just surpassed $750K in trading profits. He doesn’t need to park anyone else’s car anymore unless he feels like it.

And of course, there’s my top student Tim Grittani. Grittani started with $1,500 and just passed $12 million in profits. He can provide for his beautiful family. And he’s not stuck in a job he hates.

My Trading Challenge students are incredible…

Making money is awesome. I can honestly say that becoming a millionaire through trading penny stocks has made me a better person … but not in the ways you might think.

I’ve had an intense personal development journey thanks to trading … I’ve gone from an average middle-class Connecticut kid to a trading teacher. I have the influence to help students reach their full potential and create the lives of their dreams.

The Key to Personal Development? Get Rich.

It’s cool to make a lot of money. But what are you gonna do with it?

Well, you can buy cars. I definitely did. Doing so satisfied my childhood dreams.

You can provide for your family. Yep, I did that too … I love that I was able to buy my parents their dream home in Miami Beach.

You can build schools. I’ve done that … So far I’ve helped build over 70, and I want to build more.

But I’ve evolved.

I worked hard for my success. And I believe in enjoying it.

These days, money is all about personal development for me.

I don’t really care about buying cars anymore. It was awesome that I got to buy them. But as time went on, I started to value traveling and the laptop lifestyle even more. So I eventually sold them.

I still care about providing for my family and building schools, but I’ve learned that there’s even more to life than that.

The more I learn about the world, the more areas I see where I can have a greater impact.

Money and Wealth Equal Power

Now, the question I constantly ask myself is this: How can I use my power to have a positive impact?

Yep, I want to influence the world.

But as Spider-Man’s guiding principle goes, “with great power comes great responsibility” … I want to use my influence for good.

Here’s something interesting I’ve realized: When you get rich, people start to listen to what you have to say and take you seriously.

It’s like when people accept an Oscar and give a political speech or something. If they were a nobody, people would just say they’re crazy. But since they’re famous and rich, people listen.

In spite of my Oscar-worthy performance on shows like “Wall Street Warriors,” I’ve found the gateway to influence in a different way — namely, through getting rich.

A lot of you already know the basics of my story. I’m from a small, boring town in Connecticut, and I started trading with $12,415 of bar mitzvah money. My parents figured it was my money to lose, my mistake to make — but I ended up becoming a millionaire.*

That’s led to a pretty insane life experience. If you haven’t read my book, “An American Hedge Fund,” you can learn about all the ups and downs. From making my first million* in college to my disenchantment with the hedge fund world to finding myself as a trading teacher and getting back to my roots.

My road to success has been long and winding, but it’s given me a lot of perspective.

It’s given me a sense of responsibility. I’ve watched the same thing happen for my top students too, like Roland.

How Roland’s Personal Development Led to His Freedom

When Roland started trading, he had no idea what was possible. He had no clue that he’d make a living from trading stocks, let alone hit $1 million in profits.*

He started investing in cheap stocks in 2016 because that’s what he could afford. In months, he was hooked. That’s when he discovered he wanted more, and he became one of my students.

And it wasn’t easy for Roland. He and his wife had a growing family. They both worked long hours. And even in the best circumstances, trading is hard. Especially in the early days of learning … small gains and bigger losses … the struggle to get it all to click together.

It’s a true moment of personal development for the traders who make it.

Roland knew he had to survive. His family’s well-being depended on it. They were living paycheck to paycheck, rarely seeing each other. And they were stressed out and financially strapped.

So he knew that to make trading work, he had to take it seriously. He started to treat his trading with respect, like a business. What started as a means to make a little cash on the side has now become his means to make a living and provide for his family.*

The best part is that he’s often finished by noon with a killer trading strategy. Plenty of free time to be a dad and husband. And hitting the million-dollar mark is just the start of what Roland’s up to this year. Check out what he’s doing now …this is epic!

I’m so proud of Roland and what he’s accomplished. It also reminds me of the influence I have, and my responsibility to keep…

Using My Influence for Good

It’s CRAZY what social media can achieve, especially when you have a ton of followers.

I’m honored to have the reach I do on Twitter and Instagram … and I’ve done some good stuff with it.

The Karmagawa and Save the Reef communities came together to spread awareness to prevent the sale of dog meat in Nagaland, India. And our combined efforts got 250,000 likes, 100,000+ shares. Most importantly, people sent over 1.25 million emails to Temjen Toy, the Chief Secretary of Nagaland.

Later, when he announced the ban on this terrible practice, he said that social media outpouring had a huge impact on the decision.

That’s how I want to use my influence and my social media reach: to spread the word, to donate, and to generate awareness.

Personal Development: Be the Change You Want to See

Some people might say, “Tim, you’re just a trader. Why can’t you just be quiet and stick to penny stocks?”

Because the wealth I’ve amassed through trading penny stocks gives me the power to help and do good, and I want to do as much as I can.

What good could you do in the world, what kind of impact could you have, if you had financial freedom?

I don’t have to worry about paying a mortgage or where I’ll find the money to pay my next credit card bill. I have the resources to reach a lot of people when I speak up.

Freedom, to me, means living the life I want to live … but also acting as an advocate for others who might not be in the same position as me.

I don’t do it just to make waves. Sometimes you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet … some people might not like me speaking up, but I believe it’s my responsibility.

This is crucial. If we don’t all do our part to make the world a better place, eventually there will be no world to enjoy.

What I Really Want to Teach

If you’re going to learn to trade from a teacher or mentor, it shouldn’t just be about hot stock picks.

I think a great mentor should teach you life lessons, rules, a mindset, and perspective. They should contribute to your personal development.

Stocks are the small picture. I’m talking about the big picture … why I do it. I hope that prompts you to question why you do it.

Why do you want to become rich? What happens after you get the cars, the home of your dreams?

It matters. I wish someone had taught me this early on — about giving back, speaking up about atrocities, knowing what really matters.

I can’t change the past, but I can be the teacher I never had.

Are You Ready for Personal Development?

You’ve gotta have the right mindset about trading. My top students don’t go for home runs … they’re SMART about taking profits, not getting greedy, and letting small gains add up over time.

Maybe they’ll continue to learn from me and also do good for the world.

I’m not right all the time. You can see my entire trading record — I post every trade publicly on But I’m right enough of the time. And if I make mistakes, I cut losses quickly.

Don’t be so scared of failure that you don’t do anything. At least try and fail. That’s better than not trying at all.

Are you ready to invest in your personal development? How do you feel about looking at the big picture? 

Talk to you tomorrow,

Tim Sykes
Editor, Penny Stock Millionaires

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