How to Win The Podcast Game

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When I was nine, my rich dad began to teach me the skills necessary to be successful in the B and I quadrants—the business and investor side of the CASHFLOW® Quadrant. 

One of those skills was to get beyond the surface of a person and gaze into their core. Rich dad used to say, “If I listen to a person’s words, I begin to see and feel their souls.”

So as a young boy, I began to sit in with my rich dad when he hired people. From these interviews, I learned to listen, not so much for words, but for core values—values that my rich dad said came from their souls.

I believe that this skill that I developed when I was young has allowed me to become a successful host of a popular podcast. 

Most people don’t know that The Rich Dad Company was created to be a financial education company rather than a financial advice company. What we offer is financial education, not financial advice or investment products such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, or business opportunities. 

Our perfect customer is a person who wants to teach people to fish, not sell fish to people. 

So in 2012, our marketing team discovered an opportunity for us to reach people around the globe by launching The Rich Dad Radio Show on XM Radio. 

Our tagline for the show then, and still today, is “the good news and bad news about money” because we felt very strongly that people need to hear the truth about money and discover what the rich know that they don’t. 

This was another platform for us to spread our mission of elevating the financial well-being of humanity. We knew it was going to be a long road, but we truly believed that we could make a difference and help others achieve the financial freedom we enjoy each day.

At the time, we had a pretty small operation and we had internal staff responsible for finding advertisers. 

Shortly after, we launched on terrestrial stations across the United States but our real success started when we launched The Rich Dad Radio Show podcast. 

Why A Podcast? 

Most people are cautious about the food they put in their body. How many people are as cautious about the information they put in their brain? Just as there are people and businesses selling junk food, there are people and businesses selling junk information.

When it comes to money, how many people choose their teachers wisely? When it comes to money, how many people read books or attend seminars, in search of wise men and women? Many people would like to, they say, but they “just don’t have the time.” The Rich Dad Radio Show was created for these people.

Just as with everything, technology changes. The way people consume information has changed—and well, it was the cool thing to do at the time. Once our audience grew The Rich Dad Radio Show launched with a podcast network called C-Suite Radio.

C-Suite Radio is home to the fastest-growing business podcast network. Hosted by C-Suite leaders, thought leaders, and innovators, its shows take listeners on a thought-provoking journey to explore the challenges, successes, and failures of highly influential business executives.

I recently sat down with the CEO to discuss podcasts and why they’re so important to businesses in today’s economy. 

Jeffrey Hayzlett the Chairman, and CEO of the C-Suite Network says, “If we were to look at podcasting as a human being, we’re still in the young teenage years, right, in terms of where we’re at. There are roughly 230,000 podcasts in North America, millions worldwide, and about 150 million people listening every single day. It’s a massive, massive movement, and it’s going to only get bigger. And so, when you look at that today, there’s only about $9 billion being spent in advertising in this marketplace. That’s going to have a massive shift in the next couple of years.”

At Rich Dad, joining the network meant we were growing our team. Just like Kim and I have a team of advisors, having a company behind us that could help us grow made sense. 

Since launching with C-Suite, our audience has grown bigger, our reach is wider, and our revenue has grown higher than if we were doing it ourselves. 

During our discussion, Jeffrey said, “We connect you to other networks and we’ll help you get started. At C-Suite Radio, we have a startup package. We have teams that can do it. We have producers.”

At Rich Dad we have internal producers because they know the brand better than anyone, but we partner with C-Suite for editing and distributing our show. It’s a great relationship that benefits both parties. 

Podcasts Can Change the Way You Learn

Learning is a habit. Your brain is a muscle like any other muscle in your body—and like any other muscle, you have to work it out by continually learning new things to stave off atrophy. If you’re stuck on the left side of the CASHFLOW Quadrant continuing your education is especially important because it’s the only way you can ever make the shift to the right side, the B & I side, but for many, it’s hard to keep learning—especially when your days are eaten up by a 9-to-5 job.

Up until maybe a couple of years ago I learned by attending seminars and reading books. Both took time out of my day and often times I would have to travel out of state to attend the seminar. Today, like the millions of others, I’ve taken to listening to podcasts as a form or learning. The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere—on your morning commute to work, on an airplane, or even when you’re cooking dinner or doing chores around the house.

In our show, we bring on guests with unique experiences, backgrounds, and opinions to discuss different financial topics. Our podcasts typically last 30-40 minutes—the average commute time—so you can consume the education while doing something you were already doing. 

The best part about podcasts is that most of the time they’re free. Without any cost, people can take the lessons of financial freedom with them as they drive to work, ride the subway, sit in cubicles and learn how they can improve their lives and break out of the Rat Race of their 9-to-5 jobs. 

I invite you to join Kim and me, each week, for our Rich Dad Radio Show. Every week, for 30 minutes, we discuss topics and issues with some of the leading minds and thought leaders in the world today—you will learn more than you learn in a week at work. Rich Dad Radio is a global podcast that gives you the opportunity to listen to and learn from real teachers. 

All Rich Dad Radio programs are archived, which means you can listen to the programs on your schedule. If one of our podcasts is important to your friends, family, or co-workers, you can listen to the program together and discuss what you learned. I think you’ll find that your learning and comprehension will skyrocket. In one hour, your financial genius will come alive.


Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki
Editor, Rich Dad Poor Dad Daily

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