First Weak Day in a Week?!

Welcome back to the Rude Awakening for Monday, April 12, 2021.

For the past week, as I record your daily video before market open, we see some weakness in the overnight futures leading into the open.

And yet, every new day the markets end up finishing stronger!

However, this morning that weakness is carrying into the first hour of the day.

Yahoo Finance writes in a headline: “Stocks pull back from record levels as investors await earnings”

Looking at some analyses, watch today’s video for some highlights about what will be important for the long term trend…


The most important thing to know is: we WILL have a retracement.

The market never goes in a straight line higher. It moves in ebbs and flows.

So, we are looking for indicators of when that pullback will hit.

Best Earnings Stocks to Play, Coming Up

We want to be more and more cautious as we go forward.

But, there are some new stocks that our indicators are showing have some value, and we believe it’s time to put these on your watchlist.

These are:

Sunrun Inc. (RUN)

Plug Power Inc. (PLUG)

And 180 Life Sciences Corp. (ATNF) is showing some serious upward activity today.

Have a great trading day, folks.

See you tomorrow.


Scott Stewart

Scott Stewart
Editor, Rude Awakening

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