Strategic Intelligence April Portfolio Update

Most central bankers appear to believe that they’re “helping” the economy with hyper-aggressive policies. But they’re not. Instead, they’re fueling bubble activities that will harm the long-term health of the economy. The end result of this dynamic is a fragile, bubble-prone environment in which central banks react to every downturn in financial markets with easier policy. It’s a recipe to undermine the role of all paper currencies as stores of value. And it’s strengthening the case for owning precious metals.
For now, read on as Dan gives guidance on all our open positions in the portfolio, including one position moved from a buy to a hold.

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Dan Amoss

Dan Amoss, CFA, tracks aggressive accounting and other red flags that markets miss. He’s a student of the Austrian School of economics and Daily Reckoning fan since 2000. Agora Financial relies on Dan for macro market commentary as well as profitable plays like his 2008 call to readers to buy Lehman Bros. puts, which...

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