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Dear Reader, 

I have had several mentors. But the one who made the biggest impact on my life, after rich dad, is Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller. 

He was a scientist, an architect, a mathematician, and a futurist. He was best known for designing the geodesic dome. But he also established many principles and theories that are still studied and used today. 

In 1967, I was a 20-year-old student at the United States Merchant Marine Academy, in Kings Point, New York, when  I hitchhiked all the way to Montreal, Canada, to Expo 67, the World Fair. I was on a mission to see Dr. R Buckminster Fuller. 

I was fascinated that he was one of the first people that systematically defined how you and I can see the future. And that really intrigued me, because if I could see the future, I could see the future of stock markets, bond markets, real estate markets, and more.

Then in 1981, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Fuller personally at a ski resort in Kirkwood, California. It was a week-long conference that changed the direction of my life. I realized he wasn’t looking at the future of the stock market. He was looking at the future of humanity.

After the conference, I continued to find ways to work with Dr. Fuller until his passing in 1983. In 1984, I met my beautiful wife, Kim, and we decided together that we wanted to continue to have Dr. Fuller as a mentor in our lives. 

When Bucky said, “I do not work for me, I work for everyone,” and “Find out what God wants done and do it” I found my purpose in life. I was to make an impact the way Bucky had impacted my life. 

Along with these lessons, Kim and I also followed Dr. Fuller’s Generalized Principles. 

Generalized Principles

A Generalized Principle is a principle that is true in all cases, with no exceptions. They are described to be the operating principles of g.o.d. (general overall director). It is estimated that there are 250 Generalized Principles. No one is more important than another because they are all important and work together. 

The Generalized Principle of the rich is the principle of ephemeralization. In the simplest of terms, it means, “to do more with less.”

The kings of the Agrarian Age became rich by doing more with less. Rather than move from place to place in search of food, they stopped moving in search of food and began producing food. By caring and cultivating the land, they could produce far more food from the land, feeding more and more people.

In 2020, millions of people lost their jobs. Today, millions of people face evictions and foreclosure. Millions of people have lost their retirement savings. Millions of people lost because they were financially uneducated and relied on others to secure their financial futures.

Rather than allow this crisis to be a bad thing, use it as a motivator for something good. Teach yourself and teach others to think for themselves, rather than wait to be told what to do.

We truly are on the edge of a brave new world and a new world economy. This crisis is simply the end of an era. It is also the birth of a new era, a new economy.

The good news is that we are entering a new era of humanity, an era of unlimited abundance and opportunity. Advances in technology increase intelligence and reduce the cost of that intelligence. Technology decreases financial risk, reduces prices, brings wages down, and opens up worldwide markets. 

Set Your Mind Free in the Brave New World

The good news is: Technology makes it easier to be an entrepreneur.

The bad news is: Technology makes life harder for employees. That’s why we’re seeing rising unemployment as technology replaces workers, just as the automobile replaced horses.

Rather than going back to school only to focus on a higher-paying job, focus on looking for new ways to educate yourself. For the financially educated, it is a borderless world of abundance and opportunity.

Not only will life be more abundant, but the government will offer you tax breaks, banks will loan you money to buy your assets, and  Wall Street will raise money for entrepreneurs in the B quadrant. Why are socialists and fascists so generous to capitalists? The answer is: They need capitalists. Without capitalists, socialists and fascists would be attacked by angry, hungry, out-of-work mobs.

Rather than be trapped between protesting workers and politicians, just focus on true capitalism.

I’ve shared this quote recently, but it’s worth revisiting…

“I don’t want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers.”

It looks like Rockefeller succeeded, for most. 

But for those of us who are true capitalists, we can’t be put in that box. 

If creating and solving the world’s problems is not for you and you would rather build and maintain then higher education is meant for you. Make sure to give Rockefeller a big ‘thank you’. 

But if you would rather invent and innovate higher education may crush your spirit and your creativity. For me, I thank my rich dad for showing me another path.

Play it smart,

Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki
Editor, Rich Dad Poor Dad Daily

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