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everyone in it within a new technological paradigm which he called a “design science revolution.” 

In 1967, my classmate Andy and I hitchhiked to Montreal, Canada for Expo ‘67. We were going to see futurist R. Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome… 

But we were also eager to hear him speak, drawn by Fuller’s teaching that “God wanted all humans to be rich.”

We couldn’t wait to visit the U.S. Pavilion and stand inside Fuller’s massive dome. The feeling inside the dome was magical, a surreal environment of peace and possibilities. I never dreamed that one day I would actually study with the “Grandfather of the Future.”

Later, In 1981, I was invited to spend a week studying with Dr. Fuller at a lodge outside of Lake Tahoe, California. The title of the conference was “The Future of Business.” It was a week that forever changed the direction of my life.

I wish I could say I attended the lecture series to learn more about world peace, math, science, design, generalized principles, or philosophy. 

I can’t. 

My primary reason for attending the conference was to learn how Fuller could predict the future. I was motivated by pure greed, not world peace. I wanted to learn how to predict the future so I could use that knowledge to make more money.

On the last day of the event something happened to me. I wish I could explain it, but my limited vocabulary makes it hard for me to describe the experience.

I was standing behind the video camera and tripod, working as a volunteer and taping the entire event. I volunteered to stand behind the camera because I was falling asleep as a participant in the audience. Fuller was not an especially dynamic speaker. In fact, I would say he was boring — he mumbled and used words I didn’t understand.

Just as the event was coming to a close, I looked up from the eyepiece of the camera, directly at Bucky, and a gentle wave of energy went through me. I could feel my heart open and I began to cry. 

They weren’t tears of sadness or pain, but tears of gratitude for this man’s courage to do what he had been doing for years: guiding and teaching and looking into the future…

Did Fuller Predict the Internet? 

In 1969, Fuller proposed a “great logistics game” he called the World Game. It was intended to be a tool that would facilitate a comprehensive, anticipatory, design science approach to the problems of the world.

The mission statement was a question: “How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone?” 

In his 1981 book Critical Path, Fuller predicted that the design science revolution to make the world work for everyone in it would be in full effect by 1989. He placed the threshold for effective implementation of planetary accounting in the year 2000. 

I believe what Fuller predicted was what we know as the Internet. But he also predicted a more specific revolution that has only really begun in the past few years. 

Did Fuller predict Bitcoin?

Decades before Bitcoin, Fuller envisioned a “complete reengineering of the global economy facilitated by a synchronized accounting system integrated with a global energy network.” 

He predicted that the US dollar would be replaced with a new money — a money made of energy by energy. 

Sound familiar? Precious metals are mined from the earth. But cryptocurrencies are mined from energy. 

In Critical Path, Fuller wrote, 

Computers make it practical to electronify wealth distribution games that accomplish the movement of goods in services in more channeled, designed structures. Not big brother though, since no central planning authority — just lots of dial-in” games” with costs and rewards, likely to attract those with a self-interest in playing.

I believe that what Fuller predicted was the blockchain technology upon which cryptocurrencies are built. 

This is the reality and purpose of crypto, to make the illegal, existing model obsolete. As Bucky wrote:

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

What I find incredible is the fact that Bucky saw this happening. He was the first to see this future.

Just look at what Garrison Breckenridge wrote last year:

Decades before the discovery of public-key cryptography and earliest experiments in digital cash, Fuller envisioned a complete reengineering of the global economy facilitated by a synchronized accounting system integrated with a global energy network… Every individual in the world would be able to see his or her share of planetary equity through the use of “pocket-computer credit cards.” 

Fuller made it clear that such a system would need to exist outside the constraints of existing power structures. As he writes in Critical Path:

There can be no planetary equity until all the sovereign nations are abolished and we have but one accounting system — that of the one family of humans aboard Spaceship Earth. 

Both Fuller’s movement and (arguably) the crypto industry has so far failed to gain significant traction. Why? 

For the most part, any proposed system of world-change built with eschatological overtones such as that posited by Fuller … will be met by severe resistance by not only the powers-that-be but also the very people these movements are trying to save.

One accounting system. What does that sound exactly like?


How could he have possibly seen this? One thing he said is that when he saw his first video game and its scoring, he knew the path money would take. I do not know how he saw this future… but he did.

Play it smart,

Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki
Editor, Rich Dad Poor Dad Daily

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