What I Watch

Greetings at the beginning of a new week!

I’m going to give you some more sources to round out your worldview.  Feel free to bin.  Not everything to my taste will be to yours.

But any combination of these will help you get on the right track, considering all the insane news going around.  As I’ve written before, the best time to prepare is now.

YouTube – Despite the Censorship – Is Your Friend… Kinda…

I loathe YT for taking down a good number of YT entrepreneurs who disagree with The Narrative.  But luckily, they didn’t get everyone.

Here’s a list of the channels I watch often.  That means more than once a week.

Politics and History

Caspian Report

Easily one of the best YT channels out there for any subject, Shirvan and his crew take you through the current political crises around the world.  It’s a fascinating watch every time they put up a new video.

His latest three videos are how Afghanistan became a failed state, Egypt flexes military muscle at Ethiopia, and Afghanistan staring at the abyss.

Get the popcorn out and find out why your friends are wrong about nearly everything political.  

You’ll have them crying in their beer after imbibing all these well-made video summaries and gently lobbing them in their faces.


The millennial you’d want as a son-in-law, this former satanist – I know, I know – ticks so many “sane” boxes.

He voted for Trump and predicted his victory early on, though he was a Rand Paul supporter first.  His videos are intelligent, logical, and acerbic.

Try this one on for size: Joe Biden’s Chaos Presidency is Just a Microcosm of Globalism Failing.

Building a Business and Protecting That Business

Mark Tilbury

Mark is a model plane enthusiast who built a business around his passion.  Now he creates YouTube videos giving great advice on all things business.

He’s passionate, enthusiastic, and engaging.  I enjoy that he puts his money where his mouth is… and he’s made a lot of money!

This is one of my favorite videos of his: The 13 BEST Side Hustles To Start (at EVERY AGE)

Nomad Capitalist

There’s no end of praise I have for Andrew Henderson and his team at Nomad Capitalist.  Andrew genuinely changed the way I think about the world.

Thanks to his immense catalog of Youtube videos, there are many things you can learn before ever engaging him as an advisor.

Andrew’s motto is “Go where you’re treated best.”  Those are excellent words to live by.

If you’ve never heard of Nomad Capitalist, start with this playlist.

Finance and Investment


If you read the Rude often, you’ll see the charts on gold, oil, and the rest are built on StockChart’s platform.

But what’s excellent about StockCharts is their tremendous YouTube presence.  Not only do they provide videos for how to use the platform, but they also host webinars all the time on how to be a better investor.

Of course, this is from the technical analysis perspective.  But that shouldn’t deter you.  The Who’s Who of technicians and chartists congregate on the channel.  You can glean an immense amount of information from it.

If you’re new to the site, start with ChartSchool.


J.C. Parets, who often appears on StockCharts, runs AllStarCharts.com.

I don’t want to say something outlandish such as, “this guy is always right.”  That’s ridiculous.

But he always seems to be correct.  J.C. is one of the best in the business.  Not only is his channel educational and entertaining, but I’d also get on his email list.

He’s also well up on cryptos.  Though he isn’t an evangelist, he tends to look at them as just some more stocks to trade.

Elliott Wave Options

Rob Roy gives his market updates with clarity and charts.  You’ll never get bored watching him.  He’s also got some excellent educational videos, as well.

I particularly liked his CCI Indicator for Beginners | ULTIMATE In-Depth Guide! (Commodity Channel Index).

Game of Trades

Game of Trades is simply the best channel to see market moves immediately and have them explained.

They come out with videos every four days or so on average.  It’s usually because something noteworthy has happened in the markets.

Bitcoin and the SPX are fully covered, along with some great thematic videos on ARKK, gold, and historical moves.

Subscribe to all their videos to stay completely up-to-date.  Here are their latest uploads.


BitBoy Crypto

This is a new channel for me, and I watch it probably the least out of all listed.  BitBoy Crypto lays out his thoughts on crypto in a somewhat sensationalized fashion.

He has over 1 million subscribers and covers everything from Bitcoin, altcoins, and NFTs.  It’s worth watching if you’re new to the crypto space.

Watch his Back to Basics list first.

Cora Harrison

What I like about Cora Harrison’s videos are the “How To”s.  She shows; she doesn’t tell.

What’s more, she shows you how to do things on her phone.  So you can just follow along.  It’s an enormous help, especially when you’re just starting out.

I’d start out watching her Popular Uploads, as that’s where many of her how-to videos sit.

Movies and Watches

The Critical Drinker

This is the best movie review channel on the interwebs.

The Drinker makes me LOL often.  But the best parts of his videos are his insightful takes on why so many of Hollywood’s offerings absolutely suck.

He’s an author as well, so the way he goes through plot holes is incredibly satisfying.

One of my favorite recent videos of his is Hollywood vs Fans – Everybody Loses.

Bark & Jack

I’ve never written about watches on the Rude because I’m no expert.

But I love watches and have a nice if small collection.

Adrian at Bark & Jack makes the best watch videos.  He’s not a wealthy collector, just a genuine enthusiast with a lovely collection of his own.

He’s incredibly knowledgeable without making you feel like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

I also like his honesty about brands.  He enjoys both Rolex and Omega, a big no-no in the watch world, but shuns Hublot because their watches aren’t worth the price they charge.

But above all, watching Adrian’s videos is like sitting down in the coffee shop with your friend talking about watches.  Nice and easy.

Wrap Up

Well, those are the channels I watch most.  I’d love to know what you think of them.

Write me at asksean@paradigm.press to share your thoughts.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

All the best,


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