Buy The Crypto Rumor

You’re familiar with the old adage “Buy the rumor, sell the news.” — and in the world of cryptocurrency, you may not find better guidance.

Having no physical form, cryptocurrency is wildly driven by supply and demand. Because of this, the ability to track social sentiment and predict changes in demand is VERY tough — yet, vital.

When the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed in late 2017, so did popular interest. Once it was mainstream, fear of missing out (FOMO) began to set in. Queue the panic-buying.

And then came the market correction.

Of course, those who purchased at the tail of the bull run watched their holdings halve, in a hurry.

FOMO purchasing cycle

(source: BitcoinWiki)

With social sentiment alive and well, Bitcoin ultimately continued to rise, seeing the cycle repeat along the way: surges in popularity -> gains -> FOMO buys -> correctional dips -> losses.

Friends don’t let friends FOMO trade

Sure, you can obsessively browse Elon Musk’s Twitter account, or comb Reddit forums all day to track social sentiment.

But the time-consuming nature of tracking trends this way leads many investors to crypto-specific resource tools, like LunarCrush.


And take it from me, if you’re looking for “crypto advice” out on the internet, forums, discord or TikTok…. There’s NO shortage of opinions.

But professionally looking at which crypto could rise next — and finding well-grounded research is the key.

Which brings me to my main point…

When we launched this letter, we intend to bring you the brightest minds in crypto. But not just any minds. The best!

We have a stacked stable of big thinkers.

Ray Blanco, and his concept that “bitcoin is succeeding because it failed”…

George Gilder and the idea that cryptos and the metaverse will actually make us “more human”…

Diving deeper, there are two other gurus that you MUST pay attention to…

I’m talking about Chris Campbell, and Bitcoin legend James Altucher.

Chris has been working in the crypto space for many years — buying and selling cryptos, and really making a name and track record for himself. In fact, he’s the only person that I personally know that bought an NFT (in 2017) and just recently sold it for “111 ETH”… (aka Over $330,000 at the time.)

He’s not just talking the talk! He’s walking the crypto walk!

And that brings me to the man of the hour…

The guy that made a killing on a small crypto (named Filecoin)… running up over 12,500%…

I’m talking about James Altucher.

Over the next few days, weeks and years, you’ll likely hear from James in these pages. And you’ll want to pay attention. The man is a prolific thinker and “big prediction machine” in the crypto and defi space.

So here’s a shameless plug for today…

If you haven’t heard directly from James, you’ll want to watch his latest presentation.

You don’t need to chase the FOMO…

You don’t need to surf the discord forums…

Instead, hear the latest from the man himself.

Click here for James’ latest presentation on crypto, and the exact type of coin you should be looking at RIGHT NOW.

Matt Insley
Editor, Daily Crypto Hunter

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