Crypto Investors See Trillions

If you checked your crypto wallet yesterday afternoon, you may have been met with an astronomical number like this below screenshot from one of our Managing Editors digital wallets:

Trust Wallet

Many cryptocurrency investors did a triple-take when Coinbase and CoinMarketCap both experienced technical glitches, displaying inflated gains for numerous digital currencies.

Most quickly recognized these prices to be in error, plenty only after attempting to cash out their new fortunes, to be met with actual values in the exchanges.

Sell confirm meme

Crypto Twitter was of course full of screenshots and memes surrounding the errors, with CoinMarketCap jokingly asking followers how it felt to be a temporary trillionaire.

CoinMarketCap tweet

Coinbase used their support account to address the situation and bring traders from the moon back down to earth.

Coinbase tweet

Both companies have since reported the display issues as having been corrected.

Talk again Friday.

Carpe crypto,

Matt Insley
Editor Daily Crypto Hunter

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