Crypto’s 2021 in Review

Today, all cryptocurrency investors were reminded that they must be equipped to deal with volatility.

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Source: | Wed 12/29/21

This year, some countries declared Bitcoin legal tender while others banned digital currency completely. The up-and-downs are hard to miss.

Below are some of this years crypto news highlights:

2021 crpyto highlights timeline

Still, 2021 has been a golden year for crypto investors, making some savvy investors millionaires.

Take a look at the below chart. Using five of the current top cryptocurrencies, we’ve illustrated what a hypotehtical investment of $500 would have done for your portfolio through 2021.

$500 hypothetical investment

(Click to enlarge)

Anyone can cearly see, the market potential of digital currency is massive.

Volatile or not — if this year is any indication — even a small investment can net major gains.

It’s no wonder James Altucher has decided to share with you his 125x potential secret, from the comfort of his own home.

You can access his strategy here.

It’s best to have a pen and paper handy while watching.

See you again on Monday with the first Crypto Buzz of 2022…

Until then, I wish you a safe and happy New Year.

Carpe Crypto,

Matt Insley
Editor Daily Crypto Hunter

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