Happy New Year – Again!

  • While the stock market was up big in 2021, life wasn’t.
  • Now we’re seeing signs of Oxygen Deprivation Syndrome.
  • This year, let’s get more Vitamin D and fresh air.

It’s lovely to write to you again!

We still have spotty internet in Cebu, so I am writing this from my coworking space.

I hope Santa Claus treated you well and you rang in the New Year as happily as you could have.

If you’ve written to the mailbag lately, I’m so sorry for not replying.

First, the typhoon took out my home internet, which is still out, by the way.

Second, as I attempted to log in to the mailbag from my coworking space, it alerted me that my password had expired.

And I can’t reset it until my good friend Matt at Agora resets it for me.

I’ll read your stuff as soon as that’s all resolved.

In the meantime, let me update you on some reading I did over the break and what you need to do to get as independent of The State as possible.

First, a Review of the Plan

To gently remind you, these are the pillars of the Rude’s plan:

    1. Get a second passport.
    2. Own your own online business.
    3. Own some cryptocurrencies.
    4. Get into great shape.

I wrote about them all in 2021, and they still ring true.

For my part, my second passport changed all my options.

We’ll be flying to Italy in April.

I’ll be telling you all about it then.

And I can also tell you what I think of living in a third-world country during a pandemic when typhoons slam into it.

But that’s for another day.

As for being able to work remotely – my laptop and an internet connection are all I need – that, too, changed my career trajectory.

Thank heavens, I don’t have to get continuously jabbed to stay at a corporate job.

Good friends have been jabbed against their will or forced to resign.

As I wrote earlier, I took the Astra jab because it’s not an mRNA vaccine, and it’s made my life much easier.

But it was a decision both my wife and I are happy with.

Even if it’s just a tiny part of your portfolio, owning cryptocurrencies is still a smart move.

When this monetary system gets rewritten, a la Bretton Woods, you’ll thank yourself for the foresight of buying a bit of crypto.

Even now, it’s very early in the crypto space.  And better still, crypto took a big hit this past December, so it’s not like the price is moving away from you.

Finally, get yourself in shape.

If it comes between the government admitting they’ve completely screwed up the last two years or jabbing you with whatever covers its enormous posterior…

…they’re going to jab you.

I had lost nearly 30 pounds, and my blood pressure dropped to normal levels before I got my jab.

Other than a sore arm, I’ve not had any side effects.  I likely won’t, as I’ve had Covid and the vector vaccines are, well, “the normal ones.”

So the plan remains the same.  Get as independent as you can with those four methods.

All of this leads me to what’s going on now.

Robert Malone Removed From Twitter

I’ll fight for freedom of speech until the end of my days because it exposes mistakes.

Listening to socialists get all tied up in their inane economic arguments is one of my favorite pastimes.  Sure, you’ll have a bunch of 25-year olds who don’t fully understand the ideas sign up to socialism.  That’s part of the deal.

But the vast majority of people who engage with the economic left always ask the same question: “Who is paying for all this?”

And once they realize the answer is “You are!” it’s game over.

That’s why the Robert Malone Twitter ban disturbs me so much.

(Really, what bothers me the most is that Twitter still matters at all to so many people.  But that’s another column entirely.)

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Malone, he’s the guy who practically invented the mRNA technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

He’s also their most vocal opponent.

On December 29, 2021, Twitter permanently suspended Malone from its platform, citing “repeated violations of our COVID-19 misinformation policy”.

When I went to Malone’s Wikipedia page, what struck me the most was that COVID-19 misinformation has its own special entry.

Maybe that’s a funny thing to notice, but it smacks of the Thought Police creating special categories for narratives.

How is Covid misinformation different from other misinformation?

Let’s face it: we know the “vaccines” don’t stop you from getting Covid.  And they don’t stop you from passing it on to someone else if you get it.

All they allegedly do is reduce the symptoms of Covid once you get it.

Ok, let’s assume that’s true; that the vaccines do indeed reduce symptoms.

Why on earth would a government mandate that vaccine then?

To me, this is a sound reason, though you may disagree.  I’d frame it like this:

Look, the drug companies tried to cure Covid, but they failed.  It was a valiant effort by loads of scientists, and it cost Big Pharma chunks of money.  But sadly, you can still get Covid and still pass it on, even with this injectable medicine.

The reason we’re asking you to get the jab is this: we don’t want the economy to collapse because Covid prevents you from working.  You may get slightly ill after a jab, but at least these jabs prevent Covid from doing far worse damage to your health.

And if you get the jab, maybe some hesitant old and weak people will see it and be encouraged to get the vaccine themselves.

Honestly, I think they’d get way more people voluntarily getting jabbed if they told the story this way.

But let’s face it, you’ll never read a government press release like the one I drafted above.

Some Additional Reading

As Facebook and Twitter are censoring the debate, other avenues have opened up.

First, download Telegram if you haven’t.  There are loads of “dissents” on there.

On Telegram, I follow my friend Richard Nikoley of FreetheAnimal.com, Chris Masterjohn, MD, and, now, Robert W Malone, MD.

Malone’s 3-hour interview with Joe Rogan is here.

And, as always, make your own decisions about your health and happiness.

The best way to do that is without government coercion.

And the best way to rid yourself of the bureau rats is to follow the Rude’s pillars.

You’ll be in a great position to dictate terms because you’ll have options.

Until tomorrow.

All the best,


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