Crypto Buzz: Crypto Mining with a Tesla Model 3 → Mining with your antivirus software → (And More…)

Welcome to your Monday Crypto Buzz edition of Daily Crypto Hunter.

Today I’m sharing three articles all related to crypto-mining in very different ways.

Let’s check them out…

#1 Crypto Mining with a Tesla Model 3

You may recall the Daily Crypto Hunter’s December 22nd issue titled “Bitcoin Mining Car Unveiled,” where Canadian company Daymak revealed their new Electric vehicle, that mines while it charges – and does so while charging through solar or electric.

Now, meet Siraj Rival’s crypto mining Tesla Model 3. The owner explains that he used a power inverter, plugged into his car’s electrical socket, to power a computer running Bitcoin mining software.

Siraj Rival


Rival claims he was earning up to $800 per month when the price Ether peaked in 2021.

CNBC has the full story here.

#2 Mining with your antivirus software

Norton 360 has been facing criticism over its inclusion of a crypto miner in their antivirus software.

Norton Crypto Miner

Norton Antivirus’ over 500 million users are now able to opt-in to mining bitcoin on their computers when they’re not in use.

It doesn’t take much digging to find angry Norton customers sounding off in online forums, who feel Norton snuck the miner into installations and updates without warning.

While Norton did announce a crypto miner last summer, there was no mention of a full scale release affecting all users.

Read more here.

#3 How Bitcoins slump may be good (for miners)

Bitcoin peaked over $69,000 on November 10 and has since dropped roughly 40%.

Today, the digital currency dipped below $40,000 today for the first time since September 2021.

At time of writing, Bitcoin sits just above $41,650.

Bitcoin chart 1-10-22

In the wake of this year’s rough start for crypto, Jeffries equity analyst Johnathan Peterson believes a slower rate of growth for Bitcoin could mean fewer new participants to the mining network, and therefore less competition for miners.

Click here for the full story.

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