All Hail the Great MAGA King!

  • Joke Biden reveals his jealousy over his “vanquished rival.”
  • Trump lives rent-free in what’s left of the current president’s noggin.
  • It looks like Trump will run in 2024, but he hasn’t confirmed it.

Good morning on this bright, sunny Monday in Asti.

I just had a delectable cappuccino at my favorite local cafe after a 4 km walk around the historic center of town.

It’s getting hotter here, though still only May.  I can get away with just a t-shirt and jeans in the morning now.

As I was thumbing through the current horror story of the stock, bond, and crypto markets, I decided I’d keep it cheerful today.

So let’s turn our attention to the “adults in the room.”

Yes, that lame excuse of an executive team known as the Biden Administration.

Don’t worry, I’ll get to all the reasons I think Trump screwed up and ultimately lost the presidency in 2020.

But as I thought back to my bar conversation in Rome 6 six weeks ago, I still have no idea how anyone can think the US in particular, and the West in general, are in a better position than they were under Trump.

It’s a staggering bias, and as my good friend and Rude reader Michael said, “Eventually subjective value is trumped by reality.”

We’ll know for sure in November, I suppose.

So today, let’s have some more fun at the expense of What’s-Left-of-Joe.

Why Trump Lost

First, we need to get something straight.

As much as I hate to say it, DJT deserved to lose the 2020 election.

His own bias – he’s scared to death of germs – allowed him to make the dumbest decision of all: to shut down his own country.

You could tell his initial inclination ran against it, but like UK Prime Minister Boorish Johnson, he was frightened into doing something utterly contrary to his own instincts.

Then he backed the vaccines, about which we’re only now finding the real truth.

Here’s what he should’ve done: told the sick, infirm, and immunocompromised to stay home without fear of getting fired, and the healthy to go to work, perhaps get sick, get better, and then get back to work.

This health “crisis” would have been over years ago.  Literally.

On that mistake alone, he should’ve been – and was – shown the door.

But he also blew out the deficit, increased the national debt, and allowed his incompetent Federal Reserve Chairman – yes, the one who just got another four-year term – to poop the bed and cut rates when he should’ve continued to hike them.

Again, this economic and financial crisis wouldn’t be as massive as it is today.

As for his “mean tweets” and the “untruths,” I couldn’t give a toss about them.

As if any politician has ever told the truth!

With all that said, how have we done with the “adults in the room” back in charge?

Since Biden Took the Reins

It’s safe to say Joke Biden is the single worst president since that bastard Woodrow Wilson.

(Wilson is the one who got America into World War I for no good reason at all, only to increase state power.)

Biden closed the Keystone XL pipeline to appease the arts majors who have no idea how things work.

Biden left Afghanistan a complete mess and gifted $85 billion in military equipment to the Taliban.

Inflation has been utterly insane under Biden.  No, this isn’t the “Putin Price Hike.”

No one bought that lame excuse anyway, further proving the point that “the left can’t meme.”

Biden’s odious position on Russia/Ukraine – essentially, fight to the last European – is the main price driver in the world economy right now.

This may starve millions of poor people who depend on Russian and Ukrainian wheat to feed themselves.

Oh, and we can’t get any of the goodies that Russia exports in bulk, like potash, vanadium, cobalt, palladium, and nickel.  And, oh yeah, oil and gas.

His policies are not only asinine, but insanely expensive.

The Imposition of Costs

And this is where it gets sticky for Uncle Joe.

His policies are costly.

In a democracy, people long ago figured out that you can vote for a greater share of the public purse.

And they’ll surely “vote harder” this November.

What that will entail this time around may not be a direct acquisition of public funds.

It may be a demand for policy changes that lower costs for consumers.

Potentially demanded policy changes may include a complete opening up of the economy without hindrance, a return to “normal” interest rates regardless of a stock market hit, and a u-turn on America’s costly Russia policy.

I’ve written many times: you can do whatever you want with interest rates at zero.

There’s simply no penalty for wrong moves.  That’s why zero rates are so attractive for incompetent politicians and businesspeople.

But as the bond market vigilantes return, this position is becoming untenable.

Biden doesn’t want to be forced into making these changes, so he’s gone on the attack.

The Great MAGA King Misfire

And like so many times before, Joe Biden took aim and shot himself in the foot.

At a Democrat fundraiser last Friday, in a bumbling, rambling speech, Biden referred to Trump as the “Great MAGA King.”

Of course, the left thinks it’s a genius insult.  Politico writers, and other people who laugh without moving their mouths, think Biden “sharpened his attacks.”

Yeah, his attack was about as sharp as a marble.

Inevitably, Trump took the grapefruit Biden tossed him and smashed it out of the park.

As Google is a crap search engine now, I used the Brave Search to find this:

Credit: Brave Search

Great MAGA King merch litters the t-shirt shops right now.

On Truth Social, Trump himself posted this:

Credit: Twitter (ironically)

Why Biden and his crew think he landed a punch with this is beyond me.

More than once, I read the comment, “If Trump is the Great MAGA King, then I’m his loyal servant.”

And this sentiment will only become more prevalent as Powell hikes and the middle class’s economic pain becomes more acute.

The likeliest scenario is that Biden gets his head handed to him in November, with both houses of Congress turning Republican Red.

Then, like Clinton and Obama before him, Biden will be paralyzed for the second half of his first (and only) term.

Only this time, Biden won’t be running again.

This opens the door for a Trump/DeSantis ticket for the Republicans in 2024.

Trump can play golf while DeSantis runs the country as Veep.

Then, he’ll take over in 2028 and get two terms.

It’s a plausible scenario that gives the Democrats the vapors… and for good reason.

Conceivably, they wouldn’t – and perhaps couldn’t – get back into the White House until 2036.

Wrap Up

Though his Yes Men are telling him how pithy his comment was, President Biden gave 45 a rallying platform and a massive lift by naming him the Great MAGA King.

It was stupid to say if only by directing his attention to his vanquished predecessor.

There was no reason for it – call it an unforced error.

And now, Biden will have to deal with the consequences of his own goal until November 2022 2024.

Until tomorrow.

All the best,


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