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January 10, 2011

Empire of Debt Author Calls out Geithner — Wiggin Weighs in on National Debt

July 27, 2010

“Bill Bonner [is] truly one of the best financial writers of our day.”

Morgan Housel of The Motley Fool reports on Bill Bonner’s keynote address from the Agora Financial Investment Symposium.

July 28, 2010

Highlights from the Agora Financial Investment Symposium: Why It’s Worse Than the Great Depression, and Other Reasons to Be Bullish. The Motley Fool reports…

July 26, 2010

The Motley Fool covers the 11th Annual Agora Financial Investment Symposium and Dr. Marc Faber’s highly anticipated speech: Sit Still, This Is Going to Hurt.

July 22, 2010

‘Twas the Night Before Stress Tests, Nay a Euro Bull in the House

Seeking Alpha’s Garrick Hileman covers The Agora Financial Investment Symposium

July, 2010

Assault on Enterprise — Inside the Agora Financial Investment Symposium.  Symposium highlights are featured on Seeking Alpha and the Zentrader blog.


 March 15, 2010

Agora Financial and InvestmentNews Bringing the Latest Economic and Market Insights to the Financial Advisory Community

March 1, 2010

New Documentary Film Will Explore Wealth, Risk and Entrepreneurship in the Wake of the Financial Crisis

February 12, 2010

Corridor businesses take the lead in helping Haiti victims. Agora Financial and their readers are recognized for the $82,100 Haiti donation.

January 22, 2010
Baltimore Business Journal:
Haiti relief tops Baltimore companies’ efforts.

January 21, 2010
Economic Research Firm Rallies
Newsletter Subscribers for Haitian Hospital

 October 6, 2009
Partnership Between Economic Forecasting Leaders Opens Investment Opportunities in Brazil, Russia, India and China


Agora Financial in the News:

January 13, 2011: CNBC brings in Alan Knuckman to discuss weekly market activity and future projections.  Watch it here!

January 12, 2010:  Alan Knuckman appears on First Business News, providing analysis of oil charts.  Watch now!

November 5, 2010:  Addison Wiggin and  Financial Survival Radio host Jay Carter discuss the Fed’s announcement of  the $600 billion” stimulus” plan — and why it will only make matters worse.  Watch it here!

October 29, 2010: MarketWatch –– Cotton outperforms gold… should consumers be worried?

Resource Trader Alert’s Alan Knuckman weighs in on why cotton prices could come down… Click here for the full outlook.

October 11, 2010: Addison Wiggin and Dan Rodricks of WYPR ,discuss the Bush-era tax cuts and whether they should be extended, as the U.S. fights through the recession. Listen here for the full interview.

August  25, 2010: Addison Wiggin co-hosts WYPR’S Midday With Dan Rodricks The economic recession has forced politicians and citizens to take a hard look at growth and development in America — what’s healthy, what’s sustainable, and what’s possible. For Addison’s comments, Listen here.

August 20, 2010: MarketWatch features Agora Financial editors as wheat-crop scare rattles global nerves.

“The food crisis was a “warning, not a one-off event,”  Chris Mayer of Capital & Crisis tells MarketWatch.  

Resource Trader Alert’s Alan Knuckman, also featured in this article said: “[The wheat crisis] illustrates how quickly price volatility emerges with the upside risks of disruptions or weather issues.”

For both Agora Financial editors’ forecasts, read the full story.

August 12, 2010: “Crop Stop”

When Russia Today TV examines the global impact of the Russian wheat ban, they call on our own Chris Mayer of Capital & Crisis. Is another world food crisis underway? Watch the full interview here!

August 6, 2010: Wheat Price Rocket!

What next? CNN International turns to Resource Trader Alert’s Alan Knuckman for his perspective, as wheat prices reach their highest levels in almost two years.  Watch it now!

August 1, 2010: Stock Indexes: Up in the Air

Stock Indexes have been on a wild ride in 2010.  Futures magazine interviews Addison Wiggin, who explains why he predicts a longer-term bear market, why the sucker’s rally will end this year, and more thoughts. Click here for the full Futures article.

July 21, 2010:  The Case for Caution

Buttonwood’s notebook, a blog by The Economist, quotes The New Empire of Debt in a story on deficit spending and the back and forth between cost-cutter and stimulus enthusiasts. Click here for the full article.

July 2, 2010: Are Profits Hurting Capitalism

The New York Times publishes Rob Parenteau’s views on the entrepreneurial pursuit of profitable growth. Read his piece, co-authored with Yves Smith, right here.

June 11, 2010:  If Gold’s Too Pricey, Other Commodities Are a Steal

“The demand curve for uranium is very attractive with all the new nuclear plants being built and in the planning stages,” said Chris Mayer of Capital and Crisis. Read this MarketWatch article for Chris’ uranium forecast for the years ahead…

June 11, 2010: PBS Newshour and Byron King of Outstanding Investments take a closer look at what the ongoing oil spill disaster means for BP’s future. London’s Daily Mail joins in the discussion. Click here to listen.

June 10, 2010: Four Environmental Disasters Worse Than the Deepwater Horizon Spill

“We were just getting to the point where we could think about talking about drilling off parts of Florida, off the Atlantic coast,” Outstanding Investment’s Byron King told Newsweek. “Within moments of the news hitting the wires, people were like … ‘Not off my coast.’”  Read the full article here!

May 27, 2010: ABC News Calls on Addison Wiggin as National Debt Surges Past $13 Trillion

This historic milestone is a stark reminder that there’s a real price to pay for the economic recovery. Read the full story here!

May 27, 2010: Battle Against the Oil Spill

The Washington Post breaks news on the oil spill crisis, and again turns to Outstanding Investment’s oil expert Byron King.  To read the front page story on the “top kill” effort, click here.

May 26, 2010: “You’ve got the ingredients for a major banking crisis… There is a contagion effect,” Rob Parenteau tells The Christian Science Monitor.

For the full story on the world debt crisis and what it means for you, read on.

May 19, 2010:  CNBC video! As the markets are shocked by ban actions in Germany, Resource Trader Alert’s Alan Knuckman has a positive take. In a CNBC interview, he explains what the recent market moves mean for the global economy. Watch the video, here:

May 10, 2010: The Guardian examines the Gulf of Mexico oil spill cleanup efforts and  interviews our own energy analyst Byron King for his take on the disaster.  Read the full article here:

May 9, 2010: When The Washington Post covered the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, they called on Outstanding Investment’s Byron King.  For the full story and Byron’s comments on oil cleanup technology, read the May 4 and May 9 articles here and here.

April 21, 2010:  Midday with Dan Rodricks talks to Addison Wiggin about the costs of health care reform, including his perspective on the Congressional Budget Office’s estimates and its impact on the national debt. Listeners join in the discussion.  Listen here:

April 16, 2010: Goldman Fraud Breaking News

How will investors react to the Goldman news? What should we expect from the markets in the week ahead? Resource Trader Alert’s Alan Knuckman discusses the Goldman fallout with CNBC in a Breaking News video.  Watch it here!


April 10, 2010: The Big Money Show (CBS news radio)

It’s a fiscal wake-up alert… On the day of the CNN premiere follow-up film I.O.U.S.A.: Solutions (produced by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation), Addison Wiggin, executive producer of I.O.U.S.A., explains the real reason he co-wrote and co-produced the original I.O.U.S.A. acclaimed film. You can listen to Addison’s conversation with host, Steve Cordasco right here.  Click on the 9 am segment.

April 5, 2010: A Greek Tragedy: Investors in the U.S. and abroad need to be aware of what the Greek economic crisis will mean for the European Union as a whole.  How will it all unfold? Rob Parenteau of The Richebächer Letter discusses in an exclusive podcast with Andrew Horowitz of The Disciplined Investor.   Listen in here!

March 19, 2010: MarketWatch — Waiting for silver’s big break. Learn how to play silver’s bullish trend. Read what Alan Knuckman, editor of Resource Trader Alert, tells MarketWatch on why he predicts a rally above the recent December highs at $19 an ounce for silver can quickly turn into a run to $21. Read the full article now!


March 12, 2010: MarketWatch — OPEC members have their wish, but it won’t last for longEnergy and Scarcity Investor’s Byron King and Capital & Crisis‘ Chris Mayer give their outlook for the price of oil and the market’s reaction, ahead of Tuesday’s meeting.  See their comments here!

March 1, 2010:  U.S. Equities Forecast: The outlook for U.S. equity markets in 2010 is as muddled as ever after a year that only can be described as enigmatic.  Where do we go from here? Addison Wiggin tells Futures magazine which blue chips must be avoided in 2010 and where he sees the biggest opportunities. Read the full article here!

February 19, 2010: The Fed hikes rates and commodities are looking solid. “We’re at a very crucial point here, this could be a game changer if the dollar can rise above 82,” says Resource Trader Alert’s and The Daily Reckoning’s Alan Knuckman to CNBC.  For now, the gold market and crude market’s reaction are very encouraging. View the full  CNBC Video Here.

February 5, 2010: MarketWatch “Chocolate has emerged as an inexpensive indulgence, along with coffee, that has remained popular during this current economic crisis,” said Alan Knuckman, editor of  Resource Trader Alert, and contributor to The Daily Reckoning. Knuckman expects another 25% rise to at least $4,000 barring another economic downturn… For his complete forecast on ‘the food of the gods’, click here.

February 4, 2010: What really motivated Henry Paulson to propose TARP and who did he set out to save? In light of the release of Paulson’s new book, Addison Wiggin examines these pressing questions with Bill Meyer, host of the Bill Meyer Show.

Listen here, for a lively discussion about capitalism, TARP, and the Trade of the Decade.

January 25, 2010: News out of Mumbai — calls on Addison Wiggin for his outlook on the Indian market, why the next crisis will be even worse,  and what countries are at the greatest risk.  Plus, find out which global markets offer tremendous investment opportunities.  Read the interview for complete details!

January 10, 2010: Addison Wiggin talks to The Korelin Economics Report, about his surprising predictions for 2010 and the Trade of the New Decade. How long will the dollar rally last?  When will the stock market tank? How is the U.S. economy repeating Japan’s mistakes?

Get the answers and listen to Addison’s 2010 economic preview,  right here!

January 8, 2010:

Financial Times on Bill Bonner’s Trade of the Decade

Back in 2000, Bill Bonner, author of The Daily Reckoning, announced  his Trade of the Decade – sell dollars, buy gold. Could gold soar even higher?  Here’s what the Financial Times reports…

December 29, 2009: MSN Money praises Byron King and Outstanding Investments for their 16.9% annual returns over five years.  What does Byron expect for 2010?  See what he recommends to MSN Money readers right here.

If you’re interested in learning more, click here for Outstanding Investments’ Most Shocking Forecast Yet…

December 22, 2009: Marketplace Radio turns to Chris Mayer of Capital & Crisis to weigh in on why big companies are hoarding cash at the highest level in 40 years. Chris explains why it is a sign the economy has not yet recovered. Listen to his full report here!

Huffington Post Readers’ Picks: 10 Books That Predicted The Financial Crisis
December 10, 2009: Addison Wiggin and Bill Bonner’s Empire of Debt was recognized by The Huffington Post and its readers for accurately predicting the financial crisis that pushed the global economy to the brink.  To find out how we can get out of this mess, pick up a copy of their second edition, The New Empire of Debt.  Gold’s roller-coaster ride and what to expect next
December 7, 2009: As the dollar strengthens in the short-term, gold futures dip: Resource Trader Alert’s Alan Knuckman shares his prediction about what it means for commodities such gold, silver and copper… View the video here.

The Big Money Show Holiday Spending Special
November 26, 2009 — The American people’s habit of ignoring the facts could lead to a surprising holiday spending pattern this year. Even if wages are going down,  people continue to go on their merry way and spending instead of saving.  Are we seeing signs of an economic recovery or are we spending on borrowed money and borrowed time? For answers, listen to Addison Wiggin on CBS Radio and The Big Money Show Holiday Spending Special.  Just click on the 11/26/09 podcast for the full forecast.

CNBC Europe: “Momentum is (still) strong” in markets,
November 13, 2009 — Alan Knuckman from Resource Trader Alert, said Friday. “But we need a catalyst to keep pushing this market to the upside.” Commodities and the dollar are what is driving the market…” Watch the full video here.

“I think our work now is more urgent than it has ever been,”
November 6, 2009 — Addison Wiggin told Dan Cofall,  host of The Wall Street Shuffle, CNN Radio. People are still completely unaware of what’s happening with the economy. The government increase in tax credits and extended unemployment benefits are not viable solutions. Find out what trends are gutting the economy… and where we should be investing our money right now. You can listen right here!

The New Global Financial Structure
October 23, 2009 — In a thought-provoking interview with Bryan Allen of Ontario’s CKNX-AM920 Radio, Addison Wiggin explains how the global economic trends will impact the Western economies.

Finding Value In Undervalued Commodities
October 23, 2009 —  Natural gas, hogs, orange juice and platinum are a few of analysts’ picks. Chris Mayer of Capital & Crisis and Alan Knuckman of Resource Trader Alert tell MarketWatch readers what to expect with commodities.

Market Exuberance: Addison Wiggin Reporting from Dubai
October 14, 2009 —  India’s NDTV calls on Addison Wiggin for insight about the global economic crisis and how America’s policy response is creating a much bigger bubble…

The Next Bubble Yet to POP
September 28, 2009 — Find out why the next bubble is more threatening to individual investors than any that preceded it and what you can do to plan your investments. Addison Wiggin joins Ron Lieber from The New York Times and in an exclusive interview discusses strategies for diversifying your portfolio.

Tune into this podcast for alternatives to the U.S. dollar, how to avoid investment pitfalls and learn how you can prepare yourself before the next crisis hits…

Listen to the podcast here.

** If you do not see the media player above, or you are having trouble loading the podcast you can listen to it on the New York Times website at this link:

The Financial TimesAddison Wiggin Speaks to The Daily Bell
Daily Bell
Addison Wiggin on the founding of Agora, the Empire of Debt and the Agora outlook: Deflation now, inflation later.

The Financial TimesExpecting the Market To Keep Trudging Forward
As the Dow approaches the 10,000 point level, Alan Knuckman from Agora Financial’s Research Trader Alert is “expecting the market to keep trudging forward.” He told CNBC Wednesday that “first we have to see the Dow get to above 10,000, but I think 12,000 is not that far away in the S&P.”

Pitsburg Post GazetteWhat does it mean for our personal finances?
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
In light of China’s recent announcement to buy 1,000 tonnes of IMF gold, the uncertain future of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency will be a top item on the agenda when G20 world leaders meet. Addison Wiggin talks to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Wiggin on Why Bernanke is Wrong
As consumers are less likely to borrow and spend beyond their means, corporate profits could decline, leading to higher unemployment. Right now, we’re  seeing the Dow rising as the government stimulus is working its way through the system. But don’t be shocked if we fall into a double dip recession. View the video here and find out what this means for your investments.

The Financial TimesWhy Some Economists Could See the Crisis Coming
The Financial Times
Dr. Kurt Richebächer of The Richebacher Letter is credited by the Financial Times for calling the beginning of the credit crisis.

The Wall Street JournalWarning: The Deficits Are Coming!
The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal featured a story on national deficits and I.O.U.S.A. —  the award winning documentary that was co-written and executive produced by Addison Wiggin.

The New Empire of DebtThe March of the Kakistocracy:
Recovery Partners‘ review of The New Empire of Debt

“…we agree with the majority of the arguments and we find the context and perspective that it brings to these issues refreshing, well researched and well-written. Unlike many of the writers in this space, the prose is not verbose, bombastic or shrill. This is a thoughtful and cogent treatment of the most important issue the World is facing today.”

Financial Reckoning Day FalloutIn the Post-Bubble Era
The Hindu Business Line review of Financial Reckoning Day Fallout

“Much like dogs on a tight leash, soothsaying authors can only do so much. They voice their messages of concern about impending disasters. And after the inevitable happens, they bark again. The revised edition of Financial Reckoning Day Fallout: Surviving today’s global depression by William Bonner and Addison Wiggin is one such example.”

Addison on Fox Business NewsFinancial Reckoning Day Fallout
FOX Business News
Addison Wiggin talks to Brian Sullivan from FOX Business News about his new book, Financial Reckoning Day Fallout, and what to expect from the economy in the years ahead.

Rob ParenteauMinsky Moment | Vancouver, B.C.
The Richebacher Letter’s Rob Parenteau on Austrian economic theory with’s Tom Jeffries.

Alan KnuckmanRebound Rally for Real?

Insight on whether investors should trust the rally, with Darin Richards, AKT Wealth Advisors and Alan Knuckman of Resource Trader Alert.

Bill BonnerSon Of Stimulus | Vancouver, B.C.
Agora’s Bill Bonner on America’s $23 trillion gamble. With with’s Tom Jeffries.


Byron KingOil Squeeze | Vancouver, B.C.
Outstanding Investment’s, Byron King, talks oil with’s Tom Jeffries.

Addison WigginI Think We’ve Been Here Before
Film at 11 Tv |
After the World Trade Center attacks of 9/11, the U.S. Congress quickly passed major legislation without fully understanding it. Now, in 2009, as we face a new crisis — a financial one — we wonder: is Congress paying attention this time? Michele Mitchell from film@11tv speaks to I.O.U.S.A. author, Addison Wiggin.