MARKET UPDATE: This Bear Market Rally Won’t Last Long

Although we did not see a crash last week after the Fed’s rate hike, there are many more perils facing this market. And investor behavior is still complacent. Watch what people are doing with portfolios, rather than what they are telling pollsters. We recommend ignoring “market sentiment” polls which often send misleading signals in bear markets. There is much more downside in today’s market as the Fed is not ready to relent on its tightening policy as they head into their July FOMC meeting. Senior Investment Analyst Dan Amoss provides an update.

Trade Alert: 300% Upside As This Industrial Stock Runs Out Of Gas

A global industrial and manufacturing slowdown not only hurts vulnerable companies, but also healthy companies whose customers are suffering from high energy prices as well as supply chain disruptions. Jim and Dan recommend put options on one of the world’s leading industrial gas companies as a difficult sales environment along with a weak euro will put pressure on its stock price.

June Quarterly Financial Threat Assessment Call With Jim Rickards

On this quarterly Financial Threat Assessment briefing, Jim discusses the impact of the Fed's June rate hike on specific corners of the market. He details select sectors that could experience a major downturn as well as analysis on the odds of recession in the coming months. Jim also gives his analysis on market reaction to a July rate hike and discusses topics from gas prices to the future of digital currencies in this briefing exclusively for lifetime-only members.

The Geopolitics of Currencies

We use different types of analytic methods to evaluate how currencies will move against one another in complex foreign exchange markets. While most readers are acquainted with fundamental and technical analysis, there’s a third type of analysis that is just as important, but less well understood. In a world of volatility and turmoil, geopolitical factors can carry more weight than fundamental and technical factors when it comes to cross-rates and market valuations. Jim discusses in his latest briefing.

Buy Alert: COBRA System Bearish On Australian Dollar

Although a country may have some of the greatest people and resources on the planet, one should never underestimate the ability of politicians to ruin a good thing. That’s exactly what’s happening in Australia today. Using the C.O.B.R.A. system, Jim and Dan recommend taking a short position in a leading ETF that tracks the performance of the Australian dollar as multiple headwinds brought on by political decisions will bring a drawdown in its value.