Sell Alert: Take Profits On Our Second Winner This Week

Net earnings revisions for the Industrials sector of the S&P 500 just turned negative in April. That’s good news for our XLI puts. Our ultimate bear market target for XLI is as low as $52. But that will depend on how long the Fed maintains its tightening policy. Meanwhile, we have a profit of more than 100% after only two weeks, so let’s take gains now. We recommend exiting this position for our second winner this week.

“Excuse me, I Ordered a Sucker’s Rally…”

The SPX got decapitated yesterday, down 3.96%. WMT was down 7% and TGT a whopping 26.67%. This time, tech wasn’t to blame.  Or was it? Good morning! It’s Thursday morning. That means equities have two more sessions of ass whoopings before God rings the Friday bell. I feel for you if you’re still long equity,...

Gold Note No. 35

Gold prices have taken a retreat in the past two months despite bad economic new, as happy talk from economists gave markets less uncertainty about key factors that drive the gold price. Is there anything that will drive the price of gold higher in the months ahead? Jim discusses in his latest gold note.

Bubble Score Alert: Short the Stale Starbucks Stock Story

Fed tightening along with other headwinds in the economy has put pressure on the bottom line of major retailers around the country. With a slowing economy, discretionary spending also slows which spells trouble for retailers selling non-essential items. Using the Bubble Score system, Jim and Dan recommend put options on this major coffee retailer as negative news both in the economy and continued pandemic fears in China will depress its stock price.

The Future Of Money (And MMT) Part II

In the second lifetime intelligence briefing of the year, Jim updates last year’s briefing on the future of money with new developments that will impact markets and investments in the coming months. With cryptocurrencies under fire and digital currencies becoming the focus of governments around the world, Jim gives his views on what to expect from the banking system as well as how Modern Monetary Theory could become more prevalent in economic policy. Also, senior analyst Dan Amoss joins Jim to provide three trade recommendations for you to take advantage of the economic reality of MMT.

Let’s Talk Turkey

Turkey made noises about Sweden and Finland’s accession into NATO. Although this made the elite cringe for a second, it’s probably just a negotiating ploy. Even Putin has backed off concerning their accession, only warning about placing weapons there. Good morning on this fine Tuesday. Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “If the Earth were a single...