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Dan AmossDan Amoss

Dan Amoss, CFA, tracks aggressive accounting and other red flags that markets miss. He’s a student of the Austrian School of economics and Daily Reckoning fan since 2000. Agora Financial relies on Dan for macro market commentary as well as profitable plays like his 2008 call to readers to buy Lehman Bros. puts, which gained 462% as the stock fell from $45 to $12. And he called American Airlines’ bankruptcy long before the Chapter 11 filing, telling readers to short the stock, which tanked from $6 to just 26 cents.

Formerly, he was investment adviser to one of the top small-cap mutual funds in the country. He grew up on a semi-working small farm that his great-grandfather bought in 1907, learning thrift and the value of hard work through generations. 

This informs his drive to seek truth and expose frauds and promotions that suck in investors. He cut his teeth in finance interviewing management teams in “roadshows” and so knows the kind of BS they sell.

His bottom-up investing style focuses on management strategy, return on capital and the truth (and lies) buried in financial statements.

Market Tanks on Realization That Trade War Will Continue

As Jim predicted, very little progress was made on trade negotiations between the U.S. and China at the G-20 summit. This realization brought a sell-off on Wall Street as markets tanked. But as Dan explains today, there is one critical factor investors should look at that fueled market gains earlier this year and could determine where stocks are likely to go from here.

Dark Money Sell Alert: Cut Losses on These Calls

Trump wants to support U.S. manufacturing, especially steel producers. To profit, we recommend buying call options on the highest-quality company within the industry. President Trump’s tariffs can help limit the impact of excess steel flooding into the U.S. market, but tariffs cannot stop it entirely. Our recommended calls have just eight weeks until expiration and are $7 out of the money, so we recommend cutting your losses now.

New Prophesy Buy: Play the Rally in Utility Stocks for 260% Gains

While the U.S. economy stalls out, the Fed may have to pause its rate hikes sooner than expected. As a result, rates will plunge and bond prices will soar. Using our unique proprietary Prophesy indicator, Jim and Dan identify an excellent play to take advantage of rising bond prices by investing in the safe haven of utility stocks that will rally alongside U.S. Treasury bond prices.

Investing in Dysfunctional Markets: Your Action Plan

In this live quarterly intelligence briefing, Jim gives a post-election summary and where markets are headed in the last quarter of the year. As stocks react to volatile geopolitical events, Jim discusses the best way to invest in the current dysfunctional market environment. Also, senior analyst Dan Amoss gives three recommendations to position your money for big gains during this political and market turmoil.

Dark Money Millionaires Portfolio Update

As the trade war continues, Nomi reports live from Brazil with on-the-ground analysis. In what is ground zero in the battle between the U.S and China, the insights offer a fresh understanding of what is taking place. The friction between the world’s two largest economies has left markets caught in a crossfire. For now, here are our thoughts on our open positions.

New Prophesy Buy: Trade This Silicon Valley Giant Now for a 300% Upside

As the trade war continues between the U.S. and China, tech stocks are caught in the crossfire. Along with Chinese devaluation of its currency hurting sales in China, U.S. tech companies will have lower earnings expectations in the coming weeks. Using our unique proprietary Prophesy indicator, Jim and Dan identify a narrow trading window to profit from a weak quarterly earnings guidance report coming after the closing bell tomorrow from this Silicon Valley tech giant.

Project Prophesy Portfolio Update

After many months of a sideways trend in the markets, volatility has returned with a vengeance. Stock prices have experienced big dips this month on the run-up to the midterm elections. As the election outcome becomes clear, look for investors’ attention to go back to the ongoing trade war with China and news of Fed rate hikes in December. For now, read on for Dan’s analysis on our open positions, including a new play in the mining sector on indications of a rally in gold prices.