Frank DeVechioFrank DeVechio

Frank is the managing editor for Jim Rickards’ Project Prophesy, Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence, Jim Rickards' Crash Speculator, Jim Rickards’ Unrestricted Clearance, Nomi Prins’ Dark Money Millionaires and Nomi Prins' 25 Cent Trader.

He attended East Carolina University in North Carolina where he studied finance and economics. Frank has also written copy for Paradigm Press readers centered on a keen interest in macroeconomic issues. Before joining Paradigm Press, Frank owned a family business and learned the value of working with the community and concerns of everyday investors.

Is the American Dream Lost? How to Reach It

This month, our discussion concerns the growing wealth gap in America as income inequality has climbed to new heights. As many Americans lose faith in reaching financial stability, Jim discusses this income phenomenon and how you can avoid falling into a financial trap. He also provides ways to preserve your wealth and prosper to achieve the American Dream.