Paul ScolardiPaul Scolardi

“Superman” Paul Scolardi is the CEO and founder of, Super Trades LLC. For two decades a Certified Public Accountant by profession, he worked for 16 years in corporate finance, even helping to take a company public. But he chose to give that up, and has spent the majority of the past 20 years becoming a trading expert – specifically using his unique IPO investing strategy.
Paul is a swing-trader, concentrating in small and mid cap stocks that have explosive potential. As you might anticipate from the “Superman of Stock Trading,” he has an almost supernatural ability to pick out momentum ahead of other professionals. His colorful character and manner are part of the reason his students and many fans love and enjoy his research and alerts.
“Superman” Scolardi proudly offers research reports and video lessons to help you stay ahead of the market. His claim to fame is teaching people like you the best ways to build up a solid position in a stock with high beta without risking your precious capital. This financial educator and trader has been featured in a variety of impressive publications and websites, including (among others) a top 10 ranking, and articles in Forbes, Bloomberg, BusinessWeek and Seeking Alpha.